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Friday , June 22 2018

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Strung


Managing projects in an organization is one the most important aspects for a business to deal with. The business processes works more smoothly if every task and assignment is properly tracked, assigned to a proper team and set with the deadlines. Managing all these tasks can be difficult and full …

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Taxify24


Taxify24, an application focusing on handling documents to properly and efficiently manage accounting operation. Sharing of invoices and statements with the accountant or bookkeeper becomes much easier by allowing the users to upload documents on the go from anywhere. It is a centralised and safe hub to access your accounting …

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Accounting Tools Product Review- ZipBooks


Every small business and startups need a seamless accounting tool for their growing business. They at all times try to figure out the best affordable accounting tool which let the business operations automate in the competitive working environment. ZipBooks is a cloud based accounting tool with enormous features like online …

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Receiptron


Receiptron is a tool to create and save receipts where you can keep all the receipts. The tool takes receipts through email or via screenshots. It enables you to categorize and organize receipts. You can save your money and use your receipts for refunds or tax returns. Receiptron automatically categorizes …

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Accounting Tools Product Review- PACT scheme


Small and medium businesses play a key role in the economy and enhance benefits to the organizations. The major problem they face is with their credits and debts control. They feel helpless when it comes to accounting and monitoring cashflow and get frustrated due to late payments or non-payments. Pact …

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Social Powered – Accounting

Social-powered – Accounting

Strangely, accounting firms find social media itself as a tool supportive to do accounting. Yes, social powered accounting can be done, if someone knows right strategy to be executed on social media sites. This is not a challenging task to perform, instead, it is as simple as handling one profile …

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The Best Mobile Apps for Accounting


Busy professionals usually do not have enough time to sit in front of a computer to review and check their company account balances, manage cash flows or invoice clients. A plunge of new Android, iOS and Windows phone are changing the way people do business, making it hassle free to …

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