Tuesday , November 21 2017

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- Teamtalk


You can see Top 10 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details Meetings nowadays are painful, aren’t they? Especially, when the team members share different locations. With business expansion, the boundaries have been removing and introducing flexible approaches for being …

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Social Powered- Conferencing


Social media has become everyone’s need to be socially connected with the others they know (or maybe not). Conferencing is not a remaining intact from social media, despite one can leverage social media for the conference purpose. Though there are several cost effective tools available for conferencing, social media itself …

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- X.ai


X.ai is a personal assistant for scheduling meetings which is driven by artificial intelligence. Unlike cloud based tools, this tool works based on human behavior. Amy is a robot that serves thousands of customers as an artificially intelligent personal assistant. No, we are not talking about the near future, this …

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