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Friday , June 22 2018

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Communication Tools Product Review- Chatkoo


The business world contains numerous messengers and social communication channels. Your customers can be using any of the messaging platforms, and you need to be omnipresent to build clientele and improve customer relationship. But the task sure sounds to be exasperating. Chatkoo is a new tool to alleviate these exertions …

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Minority


In small to medium scale companies, the business workflow management often fails. The realization of this notion is marginal that workflows define the business processes and drives ERP. But the establishment of an efficient workflow system is tedious and demands particular skill set. Minority takes this responsibility on its shoulders. …

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HR Tools Product Review- Teambay


In the contemporary business methodology, ergonomics holds an imperative part, and the direct congruency of employee satisfaction with the success rate of an organization has put it on the top of the list of HR tasks. But how do you ensure usual hassle free monitoring of the contentment level of …

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Nuclino


A perfect team collaboration is something every organization looks forward to applying. Nuclino is one such a solution that offers fantastic team collaboration among the team members of an organization. Some powerful features such as multiple groups and multiple dashboards dedicated towards projects, the application makes team collaboration easy.   …

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Marketing Tools Product Review-

Marketing-Tools is a data-driven traction platform that helps in reducing the friction of startup funding making it easy for businesses to connect and build relationships with investors through data. The application also ensures complete security and privacy of the transaction data and a secret connection between both the parties. The …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Topvisor

Marketing-Tools Product-review-topvisor

What is the most difficult task for an SMB owner? Product design? Human resource management? Finance management? No! The most difficult task is marketing and what is even more challenging is market analysis to achieve exponential growth. The reason behind significant startup failures is that they are not able to …

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Email Tools Product Review- Sigbop


Email signatures are crucial as they represent the professionalism of the employees of an organization. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create the signatures, which eventually be dropped to include in the email. It is the scenario when the tool comes that is expertise in creating customized email …

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