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10 Best Tools for Startup Launch


Every business starts with some idea, but not every company can convert the thought to money. It is an entirely different story to start work on any idea and take it to success. For any startup, it is important how they handle the work they do and what kind of …

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Top 10 Time and Attendance Systems 2016


Different businesses have different time and attendance system requirements. The software tools offer services for the employees to clock in and out with their laptops, tablet, and even mobile devices. Product Details    Stratustime is a time and attendance system that offers a solution for every need for a small business. …

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10 Best IoT Gadgets


Internet of Things (IoT), as the name implies, is like internet connected with the things that makes possible what we had imagined years ago. IoT is cracking the limits of our imagination and even beyond our imagination. It simplifies our daily needs dramatically whether it is an alarm clock, LED …

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Top 10 Tools for Social Media Management


Applying correct business tactics with social media networks can lead to immense growth and head your brand towards more effective appearance. For this reason, this is the best way to reach your customers, interact with them, let them know your brand and get to know their needs. The benefits of social media marketing doesn’t …

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The Best Mobile Apps for CRM


CRM (customer relationship management) is vital for businesses to retain customers and to sustain in the competitive market. What would be a greater option than the mobility of CRM tools? Yes, one can use CRM right through his or her smartphones that helps to build relationship with the customers more …

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The Best Mobile Apps for HR


A mobile app can make it easier to access your employee data. Access your employees right at your fingertips- request and approve time offs, check balances with the top-notch mobile apps right in your pocket. Native iOS and Android app will change the way you work. Here is a list …

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