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The Best Mobile Apps for Accounting


Busy professionals usually do not have enough time to sit in front of a computer to review and check their company account balances, manage cash flows or invoice clients. A plunge of new Android, iOS and Windows phone are changing the way people do business, making it hassle free to …

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Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business


Although the marketing techniques are transforming into digital these days, Email marketing lodged its place as evergreen effective way of marketing. For the business purpose, it is always a great way that looks professional. It boasts its own unique features, even though there are several software available that automate Email …

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Top 10 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses


For any small or big organization, Human Resource Management is a vital factor; this department plays a dynamic role in the growth of any startup. Human resource management comprises personnel management, job analysis, personnel need analysis, recruitments and selections of right and deserving people, training needs assessment, training and Development, …

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Top 10 CRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses


Being a small business or a start-up unit, why, what, how, when often pops up in the entrepreneurs’ mind, especially when it comes to CRM. Well, in a survey by Forbes it was analyzed that Out of 50% of the working population more than 120 million individuals’ work in a small enterprise …

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Top 10 BI tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Top 10 BI tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Business intelligence tool is the application that enables the users to retrieve, analyze, transform and report the business data. These tools are, actually, used to read the data that have been stored previously. And, if you are also out for the hunt of the tool that, along with providing all …

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Top 10 Marketing and Sales tools for Small and Medium Businesses


Perfect harmony between sales and marketing leads to opportunities improving business performance today. When marketing and sales terms unite around a single cash flow cycle, they dramatically improve marketing Returns On Investments, sales productivity, and the most important top-line growth. Independent of the CRM industry, a proper sync between the …

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