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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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How Can You Optimize and Speedup the WordPress Sites?

How-Can-You-Optimize-and-Speedup-the-WordPress-SitesWaiting for a site to load can annoy a visitor or you as the website owner. If you know, nearly 40 percent of people abandon the site which takes more than 5 seconds to load. You should be eager to learn that individuals who experience slow speed of website get off the visitors immediately. Thus, shoppers who are dissatisfied with the performance of the site will not prefer to notch the same website for the next time.

Moreover, Google includes the site speed into their algorithms while ranking the site. So, if your site is slow in speed, then it might result to fall your Google rank or bring less traffic to your site. Now, what can you do to make your site faster and page loading times to the minimum? Here, are some ways you can enhance the performance of WordPress sites:

Start with Selecting a Good Host

Sharing the host might seem like a bargain but have you examined the cost, lately. It may require to pay off regarding low speed and break down at the time of high traffics. No matter how modern and exciting stuff you publish if you are sharing the host it will not bring many fruits to you. Additionally, Support is a must when it comes to hosting your site.

Ensure the Use of Solid Framework/Theme

Understand the importance of fast WordPress framework/theme. If you go on and select a theme which comes with additional features which are not essential, it might result in a bad performance of your site. If you do not own much knowledge of code, select default themes of WordPress which are well-coded, very fast to use and customizable as per your choice.

Caching Plugin

Caching Plugin is one of the most efficient ways to make your site load more quickly than ever. Install W3 Total Cache or may be, WP Super Cache and realize that you site loads faster in comparison to prior performance. It works in a smooth manner by getting active on your site; it reduces MySQL databases access and PHP request. Hence, it works into sorting parts on your website and managing what should load when a user get down to your site for the first time or the frequent visitor. It is helpful for the return visitors and doesn’t show the same messaging.

Compress and Optimize Images

Images are the heaviest elements of the website, and their optimization is necessary to improve your site’s performance. If images are not compressed, then it can take a while to load. However, if you are doing it to every image separately, it can be a painful task and time consuming. No worries at all! There is a fantastic free plugin as WP-SmushIt, which is going to follow the same process as soon as you upload them.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Just in case you missed, all your favorite blogs are using this feature. All the favorite online marketing sites are making use of CDN. It performs by taking all your static files such as Java, CSS, and, images, etc. and allow users to download them giving a nearby access. It is recommended to use Max CDN Content Delivery Network on your WordPress sites as it is low priced and shows video tutorial for setting up.

Replacement of PHP with HTML

Refer to this because it would not be fair to miss this point when we are talking regarding the speed of the site. If you know, plain and straightforward HTML is a lot faster than PHP. If you hold basic knowledge regarding PHP and HTML code, then you can replace the instances of site’s code from PHP to HTML. Though, it is a bit advanced function but can drastically cut down the load time of your site.

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Automatically Empty the Trash

Spam messages take a significant space within your database. Well, you can always manually empty the queue of spam but Akismet plugin and prevent those spam from going live on your site. Additionally, you can set WordPress automatically to empty the trash.

Turn off the option of Pingback and Trackback

Pingback and Trackback are the two of components given by the WordPress. They alert you or notifies you whenever other blog mentions you or you receive a link, but it gives unnecessary strain to the site and hence, reducing the speed. Turn off this feature as it will not destroy the backlinks and improve the site some more.

Use LazyLoad for Images

The lazy load plugin is contributing much to reducing the loading time of your site. It allows you to float the images only when the visitor arrives at your site. Hence, the images will appear as and when the visitor moves ahead and not before. Along with the reduction in loading time for the site, it will also save bandwidth for the users who do not give a look to all the pages.

Compress the CSS and JS

Compressing the code of CSS and JS file will make its size smaller and result in fast loading of the page. The process of compressing takes place in two ways. Either you can do it by using the services of CSS Drive or in case, if you change the code occasionally, the WP CSS plugin will remain more suitable. It will help and remove the white space and reduce your CSS file giving you an option to set an expiry time for the respective data.

The Bottom Line

Slow load time is not only a way to create a wrong impression but can affect SEO ranking of your site too. Apply the useful information because a good page speed is one of the ways you introduce your work and services to the visitors.

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