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Wednesday , August 15 2018

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How To Set Up A Successful Outbound Email Campaign


The email campaigns run by organizations or business consist the purpose of connecting with new customers. This way companies reach to a wide audience and hence increasing conversion rate. Outbound email campaigns provide the similar results when correctly set up and strategically with maximum success ratio. To ensure the success …

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Marketing Management Made Simple


Every firm runs marketing campaigns; some meet expectations of the audience while others find it difficult to receiving a good response. If you are able to measure the response or success of any marketing campaign by your firm, you are good to go for the next strategic success. A company …

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Techniques for Bloggers to Grow Email List


The email option drastically brought a completely new revolution to the blogging community. Blogging, itself is an art to driving in people for business. But the day it started reaching people’s inboxes as emails, a lot of things changed. Days when the newspaper was the only medium of daily content, …

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3 Tools to make Awesome Images for Twitter


Visual Content is ruling the world of the Social Media Marketing these days. Visual content is the key to every business that drives traffic and sales. With social media taking over, we have no doubt become a social media scrolling society. There are many social platforms that people visit every …

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Technology Tools Product Review- EvoScale


EvoScale is a cloud-based platform that performs management, statistics and reporting for HAProxy. It is a smart centralized dashboard that can manage hundreds of HAProxy load balancers collectively via a central control panel. You can directly integrate them with your existing servers. It provides a centralized dashboard for you to …

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3 Great Tools For Promoting Your Ebook


Technology has become both a boon and curse for the authors. On one hand, it has provided a wide opportunity for self-publishing. On the other hand, it has paved the way for a huge competition. Anyone can write a few thousand words and publish it in the name of an …

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