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Wednesday , August 15 2018

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Email Tools Product Review- Turing Email


Traditional emails have been formal with basic functionalities, making reporting a tedious work. In present era using modern weapons will let anyone survive in technology world. Then why stagnant emails? Look out for Turing Email, a modern framework with advance features to interact via emails. Its powerful interface displays conversations …

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Email Tools Product Review- TMail21


Discussions, communication, information sharing, collaboration, etc. are some of the things that makes the everyday workflow easy and flawless in an organization. And what if everything related to project and task discussions appears to happen at one single place on your system. Well, there is product now, which can resolve …

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Email Tools Product Review- Pepipost

Email-Tools-Product-review- pepipost

Among the numerous ways of communication emerged so far, Email has successfully secured its place without varying the usability for business. Emails are being used enormously by business decision makers, since it has the same effectiveness and capabilities as it had before to move the business forward. Pepipost is a …

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Email Tools Product Review- Reply


Email has been evergreen means of business communication over the years. Because of the more popularity and extensive usability, business owners began to rely more on email communication. Whether it is scheduling with clients or it is follow up with customers, emails are the most effective way to give and …

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Email Tools Product Review- EmailJS


Bored and confused with email code and sever code? EmailJS can help you out. EmailJS is a software development kit that will help you send email directly from JavaScript without any server code. You can connect to your desired email provider and choose from existing templates. The users can customize …

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