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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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10 Things Learnt In the Last 10 Months of Starting by a Startup Founder

10-Things-Learnt-In-the-Last-10-Months-of-Starting-by-a-Startup-FounderEvery company founder follows a different path, has a different story to tell and has some unique lessons learnt from their experience. Some of these lessons you might relate to while others can be a good learning to avoid future mistakes.

When it comes to the startup, this journey is even more challenging, and things happen much faster. Here are some of the lessons that a startup founder learnt in 10 months of his startup journey that can help you make better decisions.

It’s all about the Execution

No matter how big or innovative your idea is, if you don’t execute it to its optimum best, there are very less chances for it to succeed. This startup founder learnt it by failing a couple of time as they had followed the wrong way of executing.

Get the Right Team

It is essential to put together a team that understands your vision. You might find people who have the skills and capability to perform the tasks you need them to perform. But, it is more important to have people who believe in your vision and can fill in the gaps to accomplish the mission.

Know What your Customer Wants

Make your product align with the requirements of you potential users. You need to address their feedback while testing your product. Take wise decisions in this step as making too many changes might cost you time and money.

Focus on Fewer Things and give Your Best to Them

People often make the mistake of trying to add everything to a single product. As a result, they aren’t able to focus much on the quality and this results in poor user experience. What’s essential is that you deliver the core value of your product to the users.

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Be Flexible

Concentrating on the core product is important in the initial stage but that does not mean that you should be stuck with it for too long. You should be open to changes and figure out ways in which you can pivot to other things.

Stay Lean

Stay humble and lean. You only get the chance to stay engaged with this idea as long as you have the money and you can keep people who believe in your idea.

Get in Touch with Other Entrepreneurs

You need proper guidance at every stage of a startup and it doesn’t harm to stay connected with people who have already been through all of those stages. It is not necessary that they will always give the right advice but you will definitely get better insights by hearing out their experiences.

Attending Events

Attending events has not helped this startup founder much. The registration fees are also huge. It is better to look the events up from the resources available online.


This entrepreneur advices you not to chase investors unless you need the money badly.

Stay Patient

You might have to go through many unrewarding experiences before you can get things right. Remember to keep moving forward and believe in your goals.

The Bottom Line

Some bitter experiences might knock you down, but this is how the startup journey goes. It is your responsibility to hold on to your vision and not to let the bad situations break you.

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