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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top 3 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Top-3-Project-Management-Tools-for-small-and-medium-businessWe have further shortlisted the Top 3 out of Top 10 Project Management tools for Small and Medium Businesses.
Project managers at all times need help to figure out what features and functionality top project management tools have. When choosing one master tool, you may oversee cost, integration, ease of use and support according to your business prerequisites. But evolving technology and outstanding features make the selection process a daunting task. Each software boasts some exceptional features such that it is hard to even shortlist.

However, for small and medium business needs, we considered key parameters for comparison such as scalability, availability, pricing, and templates. Then we concluded that the three tools Wrike, Zoho Projects and Teamwork rank at the top.


Wrike is an incredibly versatile tool that works well on both desktop and mobile apps. It performs smoothly and does not have any annoying loading screens or other frustrating issues, it is friendly to navigate. Wrike is a must-have choice for businesses of all sizes.


  • Users do not require training or tutorial to operate this software tool.
  • Friendly and eye-catching User Interface (UI).
  • Import/export- The tool enables you to import/export with MS project, RSS feeds and spreadsheets.
  • Affordable and scalable price structure.
  • Enable users to suggest or give new ideas.


  • The execution process depends on the project’s complexity, it may be more suitable for smaller projects.
  • The tool takes the time to reach the right custom set up and does not allow for in-depth tuning.
  • Fair Web-based solution, the user may not work offline.

Zoho Projects

Online web-based project management software tool that helps get your projects done faster from thought to finish. This software tool is known for great usability and stands out a feature like Bug tracker. The tool is very thorough in the way it shares all issues in one single page.


  • The software tool has a bug tracking feature that allows the user to report tracking and fixing bugs, it saves countless hours for a team.
  • High availability and customizable.
  • Users can choose their own methods that work best for them.
  • Transparency- Users and clients can share progress anytime.


  • Bad support- Users require accessing other Zoho tools (Zoho Support & Zoho assist) for support and integration.
  • Limited reporting- When testing in bulk of information on the system, reporting appears to be limited.


Teamwork is a perfect tool for small organizations with a small size of projects. The tool is easy to use and understanding. When we compare pricing, Teamwork offers packages for startups and small offices too.


  • Fast and good performance and highly intuitive.
  • The same feature can be accessed from many entry points.
  • Fancy options and catchy interface and a number of available templates.
  • Different price models based on projects and not on users.


  • Integration with outlook is not very good.
  • The dashboard page is not so useful.


If you are going to plan a new project at the very first time in your business, Teamwork would be the first choice because this handy tool has packed functions available in your budget. You can also opt for Zoho Projects a good fit for small firms. It is not as costly as Wrike, however, storage and the number of projects are limited. But if you are going to switch from your existing project management software tool, pick Wrike with closed eyes for an outstanding experience of features at a reasonable price. Comparatively, Wrike is the best choice and not overrated.

You can find the detailed Project Management tools product reviews for Wrike, Zoho projects, and Teamwork projects.

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