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Thursday , October 21 2021

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IoT Changing the B2B Marketing and CX

Like any other business landscape, the B2B marketing approaches have their own set of challenges. However, the modern B2B business holders have become more tech-savvy, are highly productive, and have become more curious about the business products and services available in the market. The best part is that the repaid …

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How AI Solves Business Problems

Artificial intelligence is bridging gaps across the business world. Instead of doing every task manually, companies are learning the power of automation, and making it work for their business systems. As a result, they are using AI to solve business problems. Precisely, industries of all types are embracing off-the-shelf AI …

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Blockchain is Ready to Transform the Banking Industry

Usually, people think that blockchain is cryptocurrency. However, crypto is just a potential application of blockchain and represents one among many misconceptions about this technology. Precisely, to make you understand what blockchain means, let’s first break down what blockchain actually is. Blockchain is a database, which allows businesses to store …

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How Can AI Be The Best Coinnovator?

The world has witnessed several innovators in the market over the past few years. Innovators are the people who think about products or services that are completely new to the world. These are the people who convert ideas into reality. Some of the most popular innovators include Steve Jobs, who …

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Top 7 Must-Have Voice Activated Devices For Work

Voice activation is a new method to achieve customer satisfaction through automation. Voice-activated devices use speech recognition technology to comprehend verbal commands and respond accordingly. Over the years, this technology has developed leaps and bounds to its current state. Today, voice activation can automate and ease manual tasks such as …

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The Benefits Of Moving IT To The Cloud

The increase of remote work and cloud-native tech inventions have endowed more businesses to move traditional IT resources and management from on-site to the cloud, escorting towards more abridged back-office processes. Many businesses, whether small, medium, or start-ups, are implementing and using cloud-based IT in their businesses to make it …

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