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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Why AI and Data Always Go Together

Data and machine learning are connected to one another in some or the other way. For business owners, big and small, it is important to understand the loop between the two.  If you are a business owner and want to get a better understanding of these two topics, we are …

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Data and AI in Small Business

Artificial intelligence was first perceived to be the technology used only by the tech giants. But as the technology is growing at a fast pace, it is becoming an important part of the small business domain as well.  Small and medium businesses are using data and AI to decrease costs …

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Application of an AI Writing Assistant for SMB

From tiny businesses to giants like Google and Facebook, the number of organisations utilising AI has increased dramatically in recent years. Machine learning, big data analytics, and cloud computing have all contributed to the emergence of AI. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding what AI is. So let’s …

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5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2022

Cloud computing refers to computing services that include data storage and management, software, analytics, and the internet, otherwise known as the cloud. If your business currently is not utilizing these services, cloud computing can function as an important part of your IT system. Along with cost-efficiency and convenience, you can find …

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How to Use AI in Small Business

AI has become the forefront of the latest and the greatest technology. All the big business houses are making the best out of it, and now it is time even for the small businesses to make it a part of their business processes. As a small business owner, it is …

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How AI will Transform Business

Artificial Intelligence was once perceived as Science fiction at a certain point in time, and people thought it would never become a part of their daily lives. However, the advent of technology indeed made it an integral part of people’s lives. The obvious example is Alexa and Siri. It took …

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