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Saturday , September 19 2020

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How Big Data and AI Work Together?

Before getting through the working of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data together, let us be clear about what is Big Data and AI and then we will talk about how they both are related and work together. Big Data Big data denotes the large and varied sets of information, including …

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Virtualitics – A platform that merges Artificial Intelligence, big Data, and Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtualitics an AI application for small business is a startup from California that deals in data analytics in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The company aims to combine powerful data visualization in VR/AR and artificial intelligence. The team then looks forward to gather insights and actionable knowledge. This knowledge …

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Product Review: Determined Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Determined AI is an artificial intelligence software that serves to create extraordinary and engaging models. It is often used to prepare IoT products for the customers, creating models for training purposes, and so on.   Determined AI adopts a practical, results-oriented approach to provide in-depth knowledge by refining the efficiency of deep learning developers. Determined AI’s integrated AutoML platform streamlines the complete in-depth learning process, from data management to model training and distribution. It is programmed to manage the diverse hardware and enhance GPU resource utilization.  Hence the entire …

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