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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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3 SWOT Analysis Tools for Small Businesses

3-SWOT-Analysis-Tools-for-Small-BusinessesSmall and medium sized business have a lot to keep track of including the goals, growth objectives, weakness, and strengths, not forgetting the marketing aspect as well which demands a lot of time in itself. SWOT analysis is one such thing that small and medium sized businesses need to pay heed to and it can be a very arduous task.

Here we bring you a rundown of top 3 tools for SWOT analysis which will help you perform SWOT analysis for your budding business with utmost ease.




Though Flash is considered the appropriate way to plot your analysis plan, Gliffy takes one step further in this field with its editor based on HTML5. The benefit of HTML5 being that it is twice as faster with increased efficiency of use. It also generates a URL that can be very easily embedded in your business’ social media platforms and even provides security by being read only. So with Gliffy, even your social media fans can know the progress of your business and turn to you for meeting their service needs. Moreover, Gliffy provides its users with options to customize their Gliffy experience by changing themes and color layouts with an additional functionality of Google Drive integration to access your analysis and progress from absolutely anywhere.

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Maintaining your business’ SWOT analysis progress can be one daunting task but with Creately’s vibrant services available through the web, this daunting task also becomes interesting and easy. Creately is well known for the level of personalization it offers as a user can utilize its colorful charts, diagrams, and representational schemes to track the ongoings of his business. This tool also has the special functionality to incorporate business logos to keep the business reports official and directed. Not only this, it offers a plethora of other functionalities that are hard to find in any other tools of this genre. It provides furnished templates for SWOT analysis and leaves a little for the user to perform. In combination with this, a user can also import his own customized images to suit his business’ reports and can also utilize Google Image Integration.

SWOT Analysis Generator

If you feel that creating a SWOT analysis plan from the scratch is too much a task for you, just switch to SWOT analysis generator. It is a self-sufficient tool for a very simple process to generate SWOT analysis. The user only needs to create a new SWOT analysis and can thereafter select options from various sections to add to his plan of evaluation. Strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities are all mentioned under various sections and can be simply selected that are relevant to his business. In the end, the tool will automatically generate a SWOT analysis framework based on the selections user made under his business or product name. An in-depth explanation for each section of your business will be made available by the tool to provide a deeper understanding and serve the true purpose of SWOT analysis.

The Bottom Line

A business needs SWOT analysis as much as it needs a marketing strategy and to make this process easy it is better to adopt a dedicated tool. While Gliffy provides a better interface with HTML5 and reads-only URL, Creately provides vibrant options to customize your SWOT analysis plan. SWOT analysis generator is the ultimate package for this task with less input required and bringing out immense outcomes.

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