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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review: Patreon


Content creation is the most proficient profession being followed nowadays. Patreon is a very good platform for content creators as they can use it to publish their content. Patreon has made it easy for content creators to make their content popular among various audiences.

With various categories for videos, podcasts, music, and many other features, Patreon helps creators to extend their reach and get a new audience for their content very easily. This helps a lot to the small businesses to cater to audiences from a broader criteria. With its wide variety of content and user-friendly interface, it attracts users easily.

As there are various categories designated for different genres users can easily sort out what they want to watch and find the content of their interest easily. By this it takes less time and less resources to work.


There are various versions of Patreon using which you can outsource your content to the audience. If you are ready to pay the fees Patreon has a lot to offer. Let’s have a look at the various packages patreon offers you:





Hosted creator page,

Patron communication tools, Patreon workshops

5% of

Monthly income


Hosted creator page,

Patron communication tools, Patreon workshops, Membership tiers, Analytics, and insights,


Priority customer support

8% of

Monthly income


Hosted creator page,

Patron communication tools,Priority customer support, Dedicated Partner,  Manager, Team Accounts

12% of

Monthly income


If you go to the pro versions of Patreon then Patreon won’t take extra money from you but it charges you based on your monthly income as described in the table.

Features and capabilities of Patreon:

Pro versions:

When you go for the pro versions of Patreon it has a lot to offer you. As a creator, you can easily take your content out to the audience and make it look attractive. There are various plans offered from which you can select and see which one fits best in your profile.


Various Genres:

Patreon offers you different genres to post your videos. As there are defined categories for every type of content there are no confusions and the user can identify the content of his interest very easily. This feature also helps the creator to post their videos in a particular category.



Patreon offers its creators a wide variety of resources and helps them reach the target audience. As Patreon has its blog and also has a community hub where creators can connect with fellow creators. In terms of resources, Patreon has a lot to offer and it is very beneficial for the creators.


Creator Search bar:

Patreon offers a feature that is very useful and that we have seen in various applications. It provides you with a search bar using which you can directly search for your favorite creator. This feature helps the user to avoid the hassle of going through the categories and finding his favorite creator.


Pros & cons of exploding topics:


  • It is a very good platform for creators to outreach audiences.
  • Creators can make their content and publish it easily.
  • User experience is very good so the content posted gets a lot of reaches easily.
  • Its variety of content is huge which attracts audiences.


  • Charges for the pro version are deducted from the monthly income.
  • You can only post when you are a patron of any community.

Key difference:

There is various software in the market that can be used for publishing content but what makes Patreon different is its working module.

At Patreon, you need to be a patron of a particular community and then you can post your content there. This is different from all other platforms as only those users who have a membership for the community can get access to your content. This makes your community more exclusive and only those who are genuinely interested in your content will be in the community.


Patreon is available on both cell phones and pc. It can be used on both kinds of devices without any problem.

To use Patreon on pc you need to use it through an internet browser. If you want to use it on a cell phone it is available to download from the play store. So Patreon is a platform that can be accessed from all kinds of devices.


Patreon has been integrated with youtube so that content creators can easily access the target audience.


If you are facing any issues while using Patreon you can visit their help center and FAQ page where you can find a solution to your problems in the FAQ’s listed or you can raise an issue there and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Patreon is a perfect platform for creators to publish their content and make it reach the target audience. It is a perfect platform for creators to create content and get it recognized.

Only those who have subscribed for the membership can watch your content so you can build a very good community for your content.

Visit Patreon for detailed info. Don’t forget to check Uscreen and Kofi.

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