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Sunday , November 27 2022

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Importance of Strategic Planning in Small Business Success

Developing business strategies must never be restricted to the big business houses. In fact, businesses must adopt strategic planning for its continuity. Strategic planning in small business is the method of defining a direction in which the business must move. In fact, the business must allocate all the resources in …

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Why Businesses should Produce Industry-Specific Content

It is well said that Content is the King. Well-developed marketing content can be said as the foundation of the entire marketing plan.  Content here does not mean developing Personal Relationships. It also does not mean a copy that is present on the business website. The Content here refers to …

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5 Mistakes to avoid when starting a business

Having a business of one’s own is a dream for some people. Many of them leave their own jobs and use all their learning and experience to establish a startup of their own. Starting a business of one’s own is not a big deal for people. But, the real challenge …

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Key Areas to cover in B2B Marketing Plan

Marketing teams across small and medium businesses start to develop marketing plans from the beginning of the year. In some cases, these professionals lack some critical input, and this sometimes leads to the ineffectiveness of these plans. Or in simple terms, the marketing objectives fail to align with the business …

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Data management options and Cloud Storage

MinIO, Commvault, and Retrospect have announced cloud and multi-cloud object storage, as well as data management options for small and mid-sized businesses. These companies are offering some of the most innovative services to their customers.   MinIO and Snowflake  MinIO offers MinIO multi-cloud Kubernetes-native, S3 compliant object storage suite. The company …

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Tech Trends for Small Business

Business owners in the IT field must know and understand tech trends to stay on top of the industry. Technology trends certainly affect small businesses’ existence in the market. It is pretty obvious that being a small business, it is not necessary that you are at the forefront in making …

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Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

One of the essential skills that most small business owners need to hone is product pricing. Launching and growing small businesses becomes difficult when healthy financial margins are developed and used by them. When businesses find the right price, it helps them to maximize their profits and increase sales. Every …

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7 Steps for Small Business Growth

Most businesses today are based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) framework. Like any other type of business, these also must be kept ready for growth. The most obvious area they need to keep in mind is the growth in their traffic.  Even the smallest businesses must be ready for unexpected growth. …

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How to Mitigate Damage for Small Business Data Breach

A data breach can create huge damage to small businesses. They cost not just in terms of money but also the trust of the customers. It is thus important to keep the small business data and applications secure from such damage.  Data breaches across giant corporations such as Marriott International …

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