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Wednesday , August 4 2021

Struggling to make a Technology Choice for your Small/Mid-Size Business?
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Tips for Building a Small Business Website

A good quality website does half of the business communication task for you. It accurately shares your brand message and says what your business has to give to its customers. It does not matter what your business is. It is very important for you to develop and have the best …

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Mitigate Startup Risks With Three Principles

Risk management is a universal concept closely associated with managing and maintaining a balanced and diversified portfolio. The principle is highly applicable for startup investors but presents itself as an oxymoronic thought to startup founders. This is because startups are based on all-in high-risk project ideas that could either go …

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Best Business Ideas To Start Now

Thanks to the vaccination drive, the global pandemic is expected to end soon. So, the small businesses have already made plans to go back to their normal pre-pandemic operations and return to their business the same as earlier before. However, the scenario has been changed a lot, and so is …

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Five Marketing Tactics To Improve Sales

Creating a high-quality product that meets customer expectations is the first step in realizing your dream to get to the top. Building and maintaining the buzz around your product in the customers’ minds is critical to generating lead acquisition sales. Sales funnel optimization is regarded as the one-for-all solution for …

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4 Common E-Commerce Mistakes by Newbies

While the Pandemic has claimed the lives of thousands of businesses around the globe, it has also paved the way for new businesses to arise from the ashes of the old. These new businesses have adopted the latest business methods and have established themselves majorly on the online forum. As …

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Start A Business That Leaves A Mark: Best Advice From Founders

Entrepreneurs choose to start a business for several reasons. These reasons could include wanting to make more money, working for themselves, building their dream career, and many more. However, undeniably one reason will resonate with all the entrepreneurs – wanting to make a difference. Therefore, all the budding founders have …

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Four Ways to Utilise Mobile Technology’s Potential

Smartphones are unarguably the greatest invention humankind has witnessed after the light bulb. More than 3.8 billion active smartphone users on the planet mean nearly half of the world’s population has access to a powerful device. In addition, these devices handle more than half of all the web traffic and …

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Tips for Launching a High-Risk Startup

A startup from Sweden is planning to launch a completely new business startup, the Pogo Stick. Cangorro plans to launch this app-based service which is a pogo stick sharing system. The plan is to involve several cities such as Stockholm in Sweden, and San Francisco, California. The business concept can …

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