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Thursday , June 4 2020

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How To Make Your Corporate Brand Stand Out In Competition

Are you also one of those corporate concerns who are struggling to make their business stand out from its competitors? It is a very challenging task to determine how to brand the product and to create your own identity, especially in the today’s modern competitive world. Although it is a …

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Create a Data-Driven Culture by Influencing 3 Areas

Introduction A recently appointed CDO or Chief Data officer in a company is assigned the task to come up with a data driven culture strategy. The predecessor was chiefly emphasizing on supplying data to the businesses, but the newly appointed CDO knew chief objective is to drive business value through …

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4 Key Steps To Prepare For Your Business Presentation

Introduction   At some point in our career where we are expected to give a presentation. Being able to present the ideas effectively is a difficult task. Moreover, there a variety of presentations which can be prepared with help of small business tool, for instance, pitching your ideas to convince the …

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Top 5 Technology Trends 2020 For Computer Science

Introduction Technology is Transforming at a very fast pace, and so is the technology based career. The IT personnel are required to constantly work to create and update themselves so as to stay well versed with the latest technical developments. Go through the below mentioned technological trends that are expected …

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Factors that Empower Strategy Execution

Introduction One of the top challenges in the business scenario identified by Gartner was slow strategy execution. Most of the managers revealed that they were not confident in their ability to resolve a problem. 83% of the strategists said that execution has become more important these days as compared to …

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Product Review – Investfly

Investfly is a very innovative and essential tool that helps the user to save time and effort asking a stockbroker for any investment advice when Investfly can provide it instantly. Investfly is very easy to use and has all the advanced tools to help you search for any stock and …

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TV Ad Campaigns…Now in Startup Budget

TV Ad Campaigns…Now in Startup Budget Everyone knows the best way to reach a mass audience is through “TELEVISION.” It is the only electronic media which has the greatest coverage area. The influence it has on the audience is unprecedented. This is the reason that every startup wishes to go …

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Product Review – SendOut

You can see Top 10 Marketing and Sales Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Marketing and Sales Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details Are you a blogger or is your business maintaining a blog? Then you must be worried about handling your subscribers and your e-mail marketing. …

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Product review- Evenfy

Evenfy is one of a kind application that helps you to split your expenses as you like. Not only business houses, but this also works for students too. This application offers an intuitive and simple way to manage your expenses that is distributed among other people. Right from household bills, …

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