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Tuesday , January 26 2021

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Three Big Misconceptions about Automation


Automation is one of the most popular things people are seeking today. Technology automated a number of marketing operations today. Sometimes marketing managers invest a lot of money into automation activities and do not find it fruitful. This surely brings disappointment to the team and the leader who brought about …

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10 Types Of Social Media Users


Social media successfully acquired the attention of all the people in the world. It connects everyone in the world via technology. Some use it to communicate with every second person in the list, some like to raise their opinion on a topic, for personal growth with updated information, or other …

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Does AI Mean the Death of the Salesperson?


Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly changing the everyday lives of people. Right from living around smart machines to using them at the workplace, this technology has brought a revolution. Smartphones today have cut off the distances regarding communication and regarding information about what is happening around us. As technology and Artificial …

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Workfit Empowering Team Conversations


With AI spreading its wings, even enterprises are taking its advantages regarding conversations. This idea was the inspiration behind the startup Workfit. The company promised to make the conference call, follow up and mind meetings CRM updates easy and flexible. This process, as the company claims is as easy as …

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