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Saturday , June 3 2023

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Free Antivirus Solutions for Small Business

There are several antivirus solutions that are available in the market. Most of them are licensed for personal use only. Small businesses cannot legally use these tools. Some of these antivirus solutions include AVG, Malwarebytes, and Avast. All these are licensed to be used at home and for personal use …

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Reasons Why SMEs should Track their Business Diversification

The impacts of COVID-19 are creating both opportunities and challenges for Australian and New Zealand organizations. To either capitalize on the new opportunities for growth and development or supplement the region of the business that have suffered because of the pandemic, many businesses are walking the extra mile and offering …

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Why Your Business Needs Predictive Analytics?

From customer and transaction data to production and shipping statistics, every firm has a wealth of information. The key is to figure out how to apply it to the company’s long-term success. Companies can utilize predictive analytics for small business as one strategy. This entails sifting through historical data to …

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What is Greenwashing, and How Can You Identify It?

In the corporate world, you’ve probably heard of whitewashing at least once. When an institution covers up or glosses over controversial material by presenting a skewed version of the truth, it is known as whitewashing. Greenwashing, on the other hand, isn’t as well-known. When an organisation spends more effort and …

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Understanding the Pillars of E-Commerce to Grow Your Business

The pandemic has increased online business opportunities and small businesses have to shift to the online portals to survive. However, simply shifting to online portals does not ensure survival and growth. Due to the increasing competition in the space, it is necessary for businesses to understand the significance and importance …

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Five Things to Look Out for to Better Prepare Your Business

Many organisations have failed to make the shift to a hybrid work paradigm, and those that insist on going back to the old ways of doing things may lose employees in the “Great Resignation.” We have seen innumerable examples of leaders who haven’t adjusted to the tectonic change that COVID-19 …

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Top eCommerce Challenges Faced by Small Medium Business

The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially, with total e-commerce sales expected to reach $1.065 trillion by 2023. As an e-commerce business owner, you have unique challenges compared to brick-and-mortar shop owners. E-commerce businesses have unique rules and regulations to follow, and cybersecurity is a top priority to ensure all data …

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Things to Negotiate While Buying a Digital eSignature Tool

A Digital eSignature is a tool that provides the ability to capture a signature in a secure means through something called cryptography. Depending on the location, these digital signatures can be legally binding on the condition that both parties have given consent. These solutions speed up the process of signing …

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Cyber Threat Intelligence for Small Business

Businesses all around the world are recruiting cybersecurity experts to examine hackers’ ways through a process known as cyber threat intelligence, in order to strengthen their defenses against high-tech adversaries at the proverbial gate. According to a study published in a McAfee analysis, the global cost of cyberattacks has climbed …

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