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Friday , October 18 2019

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Behind the Cloudike


Cloud has acquired worldwide attention for storage and security, nurturing data from various sources. Back in 2013, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google were the leading brand names for cloud purpose. Cloud popularity started gaining more number of data. Other than these giants, cloud startups like BitCasa and SygarSync had started to …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Drip Campaigns


Drip Marketing is all about marketing and communication strategy that is adopted by many firms to provide a customer, or maybe a prospective client predetermined information over a period if time. The messages or emails are sent over a predefined course of time and can be modified according to actions …

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10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team


The quality and efficiency of your small business team help to achieve the overall success of the company. Here are some of the tips to ensure that you put together some of the best people. These people will help you meet your small business goals for your growing business. Overcome …

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Tips for Perfecting Your Personal Brand


Brands and businesses are often built around ideas, but still, they are still, ultimately represented by people. Individuals who work together for a brand or an entrepreneur are the ones that add up to the success of an organization. An identity is something that is critical for a successful business …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Clip


With the internet being flooded with content nowadays, it becomes tough to filter out what you’re looking for. You end up being confused and irritated of the huge amount of irrelevant and undesirable material. Crowdlinker has come up with another valuable tool- Clip. It is a content curator which offers …

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