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Tuesday , December 7 2021

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Good, Bad, and Ugly of GST


With the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), business is facing confusions. The Indian businesses are still unaware of how to deal in with things. What all rates are applicable on goods and services are still unknown. People are strange to how taxing system changed pre and post …

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Making Sense of Your Big Data


As today’s marketing industry becomes more metrics-driven and the hype around big data grows, businesses are approaching their marketing strategies in ways that are different than before. It is no longer enough to measure sessions and conversions, discover anomalies and explain them in meaningful ways. As a marketer, you are …

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IoT Predictions for 2020


Internet of things has certainly changed the way we interact with the technology. It is already changing our lives making our homes and workplaces smart and even smarter every day. Doctors, scientists, and researchers are now doing things that were unimaginable before. With this new surge in technology and its …

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10 Tools to Create Social Media Content


You can see Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Social Media Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details. Social Media content is something that needs innovation regularly. Businesses are now shifting towards new and advanced ways to create and share Social Media …

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Cuberoot Technology Takes a Wide Turn Towards Growth


Cuberoot Technology– a private limited company deals with a data-driven technology. It has recently raised approximately $0.5 million from investors, whose information remains undisclosed. The company focusses on enhancing data management and media management by creating new efficiencies and outcome. The amount raised by the corporation, is going to be invested …

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