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Saturday , December 3 2022

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The Growth Story of Findo


Findo is the new Artificial Intelligence startup that has launched its product to find things. The application uses very smart algorithms to find files, messages, and other data and information across your online accounts. The product is co-founded by Gary Fowler and Dr. David Yang; it has grown to be …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Uvibo


Uvibo is an excellent application and a solution to filter out streams from your Twitter account. Uvibo can be a perfect marketing partner for you if you are looking forward to a marketing solution across Twitter. The tool helps you observe and engage with your followers across this popular social …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Genially


Every marketer finds difficulty while trying to create compelling and interactive content. The marketers at all times try to figure out about using a tool that can help them for creating excellent content. Several tools assist the marketers in a variety of ways. Genially is a web-based tool that contributes …

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How To Do the Right SEO Keyword Research


Keyword research is all about those keywords that people enter into the search engine to research about anything. All websites that carry out their business through the internet should have a proper knowledge about these key search terms. Following is the keyword research process that any business can follow to …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Publicate


Publicate is an application that is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). It helps the users to leverage the curated content to drive new leads and marketing results. With publicate the users can create curated content like email newsletters, roundup blog posts, resource hubs and branded social shares with …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Pipely


Pipely helps the users to capture leads and engage the attendees through interactive gameplay. It is a fully customizable platform, which helps in marketing and generating leads. Pipely is designed to perform in a conference and drive engagement with the brand through gameplay.  It works on a simple premise that …

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