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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- RapidSpike

technology-tools-product-review-rapidspikeRunning an online business may help you to manage various business processes, but it takes lots of work to maintain digital assets. You need to ensure that digital assets such as servers, websites, and networking devices, are performing efficiently. There are several tools available having different functions for the measurement and monitoring the performance of such digital assets.

RapidSpike is a web-based monitoring tool that provides all in one platform for managing digital assets in your business. The best thing is that you need not use different tools for monitoring purpose. The tool is featured with monitoring, measurement, and analysis of the websites. You can check availability and usability of any digital asset at any point in time.

Editions and Pricing

RapidSpike is offered with four editions- Standard, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. A free trial of Standard Edition is available for 30 days. The Standard edition costs $44.99/mo for up to 50 monitors and is limited to 5 users. The Plus version costs $119.99/mo for up to 150 screens and is limited to 10 users. The professional edition costs $194.99 for up to 150 screens and 15 users. For Enterprise edition price, you need to contact vendors.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool offers an interactive dashboard that shows a summary of the account and assets. You can take a look into failing monitors.



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The tool allows you to configure controls for the website, web server, and hosting device. You can add groups of controls and create screens for every asset, such as a web page.



With browse facility, you can view all the monitors and check whether they are passing or failing. The tool shows you the parameters such as uptime and downtime.




The tool generates reports that are very useful for checking the usability of digital assets. It produces a variety of reports such as overview, data, league table, and user journey. You can choose the report format between PDF and CSV.



The tool shows events list that lets you know the status, type, and label of a target asset. You can filter the events list within two dates.




Mobile Accessibility

The tool is accessible through mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with Google Analytics and Alexa ranking to show SEO stats of the website.


The tool does not provide chat support. You need to contact vendors via Email for help.

Pros and Cons of Rapidspike


  • It is scalable for startups and small business.
  • The User-friendly interface offers various themes in the background.
  • All in one monitoring.


  • Facilities for the support are missing.


RapidSpike differentiates from other tools by all in one facility it provides. The user journey monitoring is a stand out feature of the tool. The tool helps you to take deeper insights about your digital assets through reports. It lets you know that uptime and downtime of your server or website. SEO stats and analytics facilities make you assure that your business website is working well and it automatically checks TCP, SSL, Ping, and HTTP monitors. The tool replaces the needs of various other tools for different purposes.

For more details, please visit Rapidspike website.

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