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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review: GoDaddy

Go Daddy

Making a digital presence is very important nowadays. As the times have changed everything is going digital and every organization is building a digital presence so that they can attract new audiences.

Creating a website is a difficult task in itself and it takes a lot of time if the process involves multiple coding languages, many companies, small business and startups started working on the project where you can build a website by just using the overlay given to design the website.

Go Daddy, is such a platform using which you can build your own website and design it however you want it, from domain name to complete website design it helps you come up with a presentable website.


If you are working on a website and you want to add extra features to it so that it attracts new audiences go daddy pro can help you with that you just need to subscribe to the pro version and you can have all the advantages. Here is the listing of pro versions of Go Daddy




Managed WordPress Pro


SSL, backups, a staging site, CDN, malware scan, and removal. INR 1799/- monthly
Managed WooCommerce Stores


WordPress e-commerce platform INR 1499/- monthly
Managed VPS Hosting


Fully Managed VPS. SSD servers on OpenStack with KVM virtualization INR 449/- monthly

Go Daddy, offers you great deals with great features and it can help you build an attractive website that can help you attract new audiences.

Features and capabilities of GoDaddy:

Services in a bucket:

Go Daddy, provides you with all the features you need to build a website. You don’t have to search for these features at different places and you can easily build your website using GoDaddy.


Domain name:

You can type in whatever domain name you want to have for your website and Go Daddy will provide you with that particular domain name if that domain name is available to use.

This feature is handy as you can get whatever domain name you want if it is available and do not have to search for it everywhere.


Domain Services:

Go Daddy, provides you with all the basic domain services which you need for registering a domain name. It provides all the services of domain name search, domain name transfer, etc. Go Daddy, makes it very easy for you to handle domain names.


Hosting services:

Go Daddy provides you with all kinds of hosting services you need for maintaining a website. So not only domain names but helps you with hosting services also so that you don’t need to worry about either of these services.


Security services:

When it comes to the security of your website GoDaddy provides you with the best security certificates so that your website is theft-proof and it does not face any failures.


Pros & cons of GoDaddy:


  • Developing a website is very easy.
  • Best domain name services that help you with getting a good domain name.
  • Best Hosting services that can help you maintain your website.
  • Certified security for your website.


  • Cost is high for availing the services.
  • Designs are efficient but are not sustainable.

Key difference:

The critical difference between GoDaddy and other websites is that you can design websites with GoDaddy very easily as everything is readily available and you don’t have to search for it everywhere.

Go Daddy provides you with all the services at a single stop which makes designing the website very easy.


Go daddy can be used using a pc or a cell phone when you are using a browser. Go daddy can be accessed from both devices and you can work on the website building very quickly without any hassle.


Go Daddy, has been integrated with AWS services so that you can design a website very efficiently and the features which are to be implemented in your dream website can be achieved quickly and you can design an attractive website.


If you are facing any problem using the Go Daddy platform you can contact the Go Daddy team by clicking the contact us button and type your query there and they will get back to you with the solution to your problem.

Go Daddy is an excellent tool you can use for building your website and it makes designing the website very easy as it provides all the features at a single stop and you don’t have to search for features here and there.

Explore GoDaddy and you can also visit WordPress for detailed info.

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