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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Success Story: Agency Mania Solutions

Agency Mania Solutions’ explosive growth and constant hustle made it one of the most fascinating companies to emerge over the past decade. The firm, founded in 2013, soon grew to become a valuable company with a great clientele base.

The Journey

Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) provides support to companies to manage their advertising funds, and also using a group of tools performance can be monitored. This is a small start-up that has shown rapid growth in such a short time and has built an efficient team of only 17 members who are working to solve the business-related problems of large corporations. The start-up has managed to grab a small group of clientele base but a rich one which comprises of companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Verizon, Genentech, Biogen, Bank of America, American Express, Eli Lilly, Toyota, and Michelin.

Agency Mania Solutions is offering six tools for analysis which are totally focused on different advertising aspects. There is one tool that checks an advertiser’s performance and also determines the level at which the innovation is being made. It is also analyzed that the tools are meeting desired outcomes and other set marks. There is a second tool that aids in brand management and also determines the advertising scope. There are also various measures that look into factors like how many campaigns and assets are in production, also the available resource required for the task. This tool is very helpful when it comes to comparisons as it provides a chart where organizations can compare rates and returns of various ad agencies.

AMS is fully bootstrapped and this is the reason the company remains intact without sharing even a percentage of its business with an outsider. The belief in the idea kept the founders to move ahead without any outside support, and this constant hustle bought them success.

The Success Secret

The secret behind this glamorous success was that the company has a unique partnership method with the clients which adopted by the company. The presentation and instant solutions to their clients made them valuable in the market and gained a positive reputation.

The company cares for its employees and host multiple activities to indulge their team to bond together and stand together, which is making this start-up a wonderful one. The company has a different method of hiring and when it does hire, it looks for obsessively outcome-oriented people. The company makes sure that no time is wasted and all efforts are put by every person to drive hard and move forward which will result in customer satisfaction.

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