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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Workfit Empowering Team Conversations

Workfit-Empowering-Team-ConversationsWith AI spreading its wings, even enterprises are taking its advantages regarding conversations. This idea was the inspiration behind the startup Workfit. The company promised to make the conference call, follow up and mind meetings CRM updates easy and flexible. This process, as the company claims is as easy as knowing the weather and temperature from Amazon Alexa. Some angel investors joined to support the company including Battery Ventures, Greycroft Partners, and Salesforce Ventures. The finance raised by these angel investors was approx. $5.5 million of seed investment.

Workfit endeavors did not face appreciation comparing it with the Echo the Amazon Alexa conversation tool. Alexa is perhaps the most enterprise-friendly of all the conversational tools that available in the market today. Alexa also seamlessly integrates with companies such as Hipchat and Sisense for data recall as well as team collaboration activities. The limitations still hold, Alexa is not around all the conference rooms in an organization, and it always needs the Echo listening into the conversations.

Workfit tries to fill in some of the gaps rather. The company’s assistant Eva actively listens to all the meeting conversations. The application assists the managers by keeping on top of the critical action items.  Workfit not only coordinates follow-ups; it syncs seamlessly with your CRM system for voice-driven updates. This way, you can update all your sales records without any manual intervention. The tool integrates with the major meeting hosting players such as WebX, BlueJeans, Zoom, etc.

 The workout team wishes the team members to lend an assistive hand by making an explicit call for the follow-ups to make the best out of it. Although the workflow might sound unpolished, the company claims that having a concise summary of the meeting is critical regardless of the presence of an Artificial System. This practice keeps all the participants of the conference on the same page.

The company is still in its early days and have not crossed a big line when it comes to sales. The team is still highly motivated for this project. The team’s previous experiences, the data management platform- BluKai and a $400 million Oracle acquisition has undoubtedly raised spirits of the company. This achievement also helped them in fundraising for the current project.

The company is looking forward to teams that can be good leaders and are willing to take charge for adoption of the project. Ove found the company is likely to close an enterprise sale.

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