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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top Android Application Software for IT Professionals

There are many applications launched nowadays for android mobile users. You can find numerous apps in the Google Play store that can greatly increase IT professional productivity. And there is an extensive variety of responsibilities to manage their work and complete it on time. Android apps for the IT professional have been in the limelight for many years. We are lucky enough to have increased the size and power of today’s devices of phones that are able to manage the apps and run smoothly without any error. Android device abilities allow tablets and smartphones to function like applications work in the laptop, which offers IT professionals more flexibility while they work. There are many android apps available that cover an inclusive collection of needs, for example, cloud computing to handling tasks and building full automation on your smartphone device. 

There are numerous apps that are essential and have the benefit that it is free or at least available for a free trial, so you can once use them and see if they meet your needs or not. Here are the following recommendations of useful apps for IT professionals that they should download today only.

Microsoft apps for android 

Microsoft has several official apps for the android ecosystem that let IT professionals easily perform and complete tasks such as distantly retrieving PCs with remote desktop software and handling Microsoft Azure cloud instances. 

  • Remote desktop
    This software application is very useful to IT professionals. The Microsoft remote desktop allows operators to connect to their laptops/ PCs anywhere securely. Operators will be able to see the desktop of their PC or laptop. They can access all of their files, network resources, and applications. In addition, it gives you an approach to publishing Windows apps on the Microsoft Azure platform.
    It is specially designed for IT professionals as sometimes they have access as per their remotely working or from office workplaces or giving access to further remote employees who want technical help.
  • Microsoft Azure
    This application is a dream app for any IT professional or small business owner. With Microsoft, Azure operators can manage their company’s cloud anywhere they want. In addition, Microsoft Azure can help build, organize, and control their company’s applications.
    It is very useful for potential as it checks the status of critical metrics, makes you aware of possible health issues that can happen in the future, and even allows you to start and stop any machine or web applications stored in your android smartphone, which is affecting the device.

Network tool apps for android 

For IT professionals and technicians, these apps are helpful as they manage networking, control accurate working, store timely data and make you aware of miss happening when it looks. This application helps users explore which devices are connected to a wifi network, carry out various network activities, and search network conditions. Here are a few network tools and apps 

  • Fing- network tools
    To know what’s happening with your wifi networks, fling network tools is an essential app for the IT professional. It helps operators to see which device is connected to their network and lets them know all details such as device name, IP or Mac addresses, its manufactures and vendor. Operators can customize their device name with a tap, and extra notes can be added. In addition, it offers post-scanning, DNS lookup and many more features.
  • WIFI analyzer
    Wifi analyzer shows you all the different channels near you and suggests you a star rating on all available platforms. This app ensures that your router is on the best channel in a possible location is surely a vital task.
  • Ping tools pro
    A ping tool is exactly the same as Fing Network Tool; however, there are some new options and a massively diverse user interface. In addition, there is an IP calculator feature that helps you to calculate network parameters starting when you’re setting up.

Productive apps for android 

IT professionals have to manage different types of challenging priorities and various responsibilities. Mainly when the company is changing to different telecommunicating policies. Here are the following tools that can help you take notes, automate tasks that can be shared with your team members, and securely link to cloud hosting providers.  

  • Pager duty – this app can automatically group alter you to manage and solve the problems of the customer. It saves you by allowing you to recognize overlapping work and assign the issues. In addition, it manages a call schedule too. Sometimes it allows you to solve the problem from your phone itself. You can solve it by custom actions such as resuming the server and running it diagnostically. 
  • Evernote – Evernote is mainly used to store and organize any information you want to keep safe. By using Evernote, you can write down basics note; however, it should contain typed text, photos, file attachments and a lot more.
    In Evernote, there is a lot of flexibility in using it. For example, data is getting the store in notebooks that can be searched later. In addition, there are advanced features that can click a picture of any document and make it automatically searchable.
  • Solid explorer – This app is considered the best for file exploration in android. It has many features, contains huge customization options, and has an exciting feature set that involves dual-panel file management. That has the capability to drag and drop files between the panes, it supports managing all major cloud storage solutions, and many more features are there. 
  • Dynatrace – This is an amazing app for IT professionals who wants to stay on topmost of their application performance. It will inform the user when there are problems with their application. It offers real-time- root causes analysis and allows you to solve the issues as fast as it can be possible. To find out the issues, Dynatrace uses AI to identify the original cause of problems and find a baseline for application performance. 

There are many tools and applications for IT professionals to help them in working and managing their work, such as Indeed job search, Tasker, Termius and many more. 

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