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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Data management options and Cloud Storage

MinIO, Commvault, and Retrospect have announced cloud and multi-cloud object storage, as well as data management options for small and mid-sized businesses. These companies are offering some of the most innovative services to their customers.  

MinIO and Snowflake 

MinIO offers MinIO multi-cloud Kubernetes-native, S3 compliant object storage suite. The company claims that it offers one of the most persistent layers that can be accessed and used across all the cloud platforms. These help in using applications such as active/active multi-site replication. The company also says that in the area of cloud storage, object storage has become primary storage. MinIO says that it is becoming the leading object storage that is dedicated to machine learning frameworks. It is also applicable to databases, analytics applications, as well as web-based applications, as well as other performance-oriented workloads.

The company officials have announced that it has joined hands with Snowflake to offer multi-cloud accessibility. Snowflake can be said to be a cloud computing-based data warehouse business which is based in Montana. The company offers cloud-based data storage as well as analytics services to its customers. The recent partnership makes all the data stored in MinIO available on Snowflake, independent of where the data is present.  


The company is well known as a data protection and management provider. Commvault is said to provide Metallic Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) over the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which can be used for Hybrid Cloud adoption. 

The company is now using the multi-cloud strategy for the use of data protection on the premises itself along with the multi-cloud platform. DMaaS was introduced by the business as a backup and recovery service to offer additional data management services to the users. The company claims that it can help with the traditional backup and recovery on the premise as well as on the cloud. The data protection services can span across Oracle Cloud VMware virtual machines, Oracle bare metal services, and Oracle databases. 


The company is a part of StoreCentric. Recently, the company said that it would offer its customers complete ransomware protection and detection solution. This solution will give its users protection on the premise as well as on the cloud platforms. Retrospect cloud store is a Low-cost, highly available cloud storage service. This was made possible with the help of 13 data centres that are located all over the globe. 

The company offers support for immutable backups as well as a set of anomaly protection and backups from malware. Also, the services are well backed-up as well as guaranteed to stay private from the underlying infrastructure. 

These companies are set to offer some of the top-in-class services to offer data protection to their customers. 


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