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Monday , April 15 2024

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How To Design Wearable Technology That Literally Saves Lives

How-To-Design-Wearable-Technology-That-Literally-Saves-LivesTechnology is making gadgets smarter and short day by day. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are some of the gadgets people are using in their everyday life. There are some devices that are taking charge to monitor their health and wellness.

With endless possibilities and its growing capabilities in the field of biomedicine, smart appliances and health gadgets are making a prominent place in the market. Wearable devices that we are using are already powerful enough to monitor our vital health signs all over the day keeping us informed about our health activities. These wearables track our vital statistics and help to save lives.

On this way forward, a company, Cyrcadia Health developed a smart wearable, called the iTBra. This intelligent device needs to be inserted into the bra to detect abnormal cellular formations in the breast that indicate cancer. The most distinguishing feature about this gadget is, it does not need you to wear all the time. Instead, iTBra only takes two to twelve hours to detect abnormal cell formations in the body.

Haptic as a Technology in Your Wearable

Haptic is the most commonly used technology used these days on wearable devices. Fitbits with this technology reminds us that we have been sitting on a desk for too long. The gadget, with a pure vibration, tells us to take a troll before we start another hour. The technology also lets us know how many or how few steps one should take in an hour.

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Wearable Technology for Babies

Wearable technology has become capable enough to monitor heartbeats, evaluate sleep cycles and track other metabolic changes in the body. In this way, several companies have developed wearable technology for babies. This group of people is challenging to diagnose and take care of. Also, the concern behind unknown causes of infant babies has inspired researchers to develop wearable devices for babies to detect any abnormalities in their health.

Targeting the Risk Groups

Another group that remains under a constant health risk is, senior citizens. This is the group that focuses on the old people that are at risk of preventable injury or even death. Senior citizens especially that live alone are among some of the most at-risk among all the age groups. In this regard, a Poland based company developed a wearable called as SiDLY Care. This is a wristband for senior citizens. This gadget tracks steps, heart rates, and skin temperature. The device also has a location tracker and can notify the caregiver if the elderly faints.

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Making a Difference

Innovation in technology is making a more significant difference. Not only improving life but also saving them. Medical science is thus creating a strong team with technology to offer exceptional quality of health services to people. Wearable technology is about to stay and will come up with millions of ways to use it.  With a consistent dose of hard work, creativity, and imagination, this field still has a long way to go.

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