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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Product Review: Contently


Just designing an attractive website won’t work for you very well. You will need good content strategies so that you can attract new audiences every day.

Contently has been working on this cause for a long time now and it has come up with a platform using which writers can showcase their content and organizations can find good writers easily.

Contently has made it very easy for both organizations and writers to access services from each other. Now writers just need to update their portfolio on contently and then organizations who are seeking writers which small and medium businesses can curate their portfolio and find out whether that candidate is suitable or not.

Premium versions:

There are no paid versions for contently and you can use the platform after creating an account for it, you don’t need to pay any fees to them for using it.

You can subscribe to their newsletter which keeps you updated about the opportunities being released and all the news related to content marketing of various organizations.


Features and capabilities of Contently:

Content strategy solutions:

Contently helps you to work on strategic solutions required for content marketing. It helps you to decide how to work on content strategies and what modules should be exactly prepared to achieve the desired goals.

Contently helps you work on the content very efficiently and helps you save time so that you can work on the modules without wasting any time.


Case Studies:

Contently also provides you with some case studies which you can use for getting inspired and deciding on the working models. There are various case studies of big MNCs which have worked well on their content strategies. These strategies can help you achieve your goals very easily. The case studies published have proven to be very useful for all the freshers in the content marketing genre.

Freelance projects:

There is a different section for freelancing projects where freelancers can join organizations where they can have good opportunities. This section can help all freelancers as they can update their portfolios so that organizations can take notice of the freelancers and provide them with new opportunities.

Contently U:

This feature of contently is very useful for every writer as writers can take inspiration from the case studies available here and improve their performance. Contently U has been developed for this particular role so that every writer can learn something new every day and improve their performance.

Pros & cons of Contently:


  • Helps writers to improve their performance.
  • Provides a lot of case studies that can help writers to gain some experience.
  • It works with great dedication on freelancers.
  • It provides a direct link for writers to reach big MNCs.


  • After updating portfolios also writers have to wait for a long time to receive responses.
  • The case studies provided are from big MNCs these might be misleading sometimes.

Key difference:

There are some other platforms also working on this problem but what makes Contently different is that its working modules are always in the favor of the writer and it helps the writer to attain good knowledge and helps him to outreach new organizations for better opportunities.


Contently is a website that can be accessed using any web browser with an active internet connection. Contently can also be accessed from a cell phone following the same procedure. You just need a web browser to access it.


Contently has been integrated with various applications like Google docs, Google sheet, etc. so that the writer can keep a track of his work very efficiently and his work doesn’t suffer.


If you are facing any problems using Contently you can go to the about section and then go to the contact us section where you can write your queries so that they can reach you with its solution.

Contently is a very good platform for those who are new to content writing and do not have much experience working. Using contently the freshers can learn about new opportunities which they can’t discover on their own.

Contently is also good for those people who have been working as writers for some time now and are looking for better opportunities. As contently directly connects the writer and the organization it saves the opportunities for the writer that the writer could have missed.

For more details, please visit the Contently website.

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