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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product Review: Majestic

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Majestic is famous for its backlink generation. It mainly focuses on backlinks as it isn’t an all-in-one tool that does SEO site audits, keyword research, and also on-page SEO analysis. Majestic claims to have the world’s best backlink checker. In 2004 Majestic SEO tool was introduced by Alex Chudnovsky. The aim behind introducing this is to build a large-scale search engine and develop backlinks to rival the major players. In 2008 they launched backlink checker services. Majestic has made the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. Also do surveys and maps the Internet This Internet map is used by SEOs, Affiliate Managers, New Media Specialists, and Online Marketing specialists for a variety of uses surrounding online importance, including Link Building, Website Traffic development, Reputation Management, News Monitoring, and Competitor analysis till now. It has crawled more than 1.3 trillion unique URLs.

It’s mostly proficient at backlink tracking. Majestic is a deep crawl and also a Link research tool. This software has many amazing features. This article will guide you what it’s pricing, features, pros and cons, and many more. This can help small and midsize business to identify high quality websites, help to track the website performance of their websites backlink campaign over the time. by generating high quality backlinks. Moreover SMB’s can enhance their SEO, bring more traffic towards their website, further can also enhance their brand reputation.



Plan Name


features that stand out


$49.99 ·     Fresh Index

·     Link Graph

·     Keyword Generator

·     Site Explorer

·     Related Sites


$99.99 ·     Everything in LITE, plus

·     Index Merger

·     Historic Index

·     Custom Reports

·     Raw Data Exports


$399.99 ·     Everything in PRO, plus

·     Full API

·     Create OpenApps

·     Custom Monthly Data



  1. Backlinks profiles:

Majestic’s core functionality is present in the Site explorer, which displays a site’s complete backlinks profile based on proprietary data. By using quantitative dimension knowns as Citation flow and a qualitative dimension known as trust flow Majestic has created a very simple illustration of a backlinks profile. On a scale of 0 to 100, the two dimensions allow for a plot of all the site’s backlinks according to their quantitative and qualitative importance.

  1. Link context analysis and visualization:

The majestic backlink analyzer has been enlarging to provide context to the link. Majestic’s initial function was limited to crawling links, but now it also analyzes additional data to offer insights into the context near each backlink. This expanded capability allows users to better understand why a website links to another, and use this information to improve their own backlink generation strategies. By considering the contextual factors behind back linking, businesses can increase their chances of generating more high-quality backlinks

  1. URL submission and site crawl:

With majestic, when analyzing the website, it will show you the pages it has found for your site and their backlinks profile. You can also fix the crawl error if the page indicates some type of error, and the URL can be resubmitted to the Majestic backlink checker, which will recrawl those pages and update its index.

  1. Dashboard and reporting and exports:

Majestic provides a large number of data to their user. The reporting, visualization, and data access functionalities are important for extracting the value from the tool. Additional Site Explorer summary pages and in-depth pages, such as the one above that analyzes the context. More tools for data management are also available from Majestic.Copying to the bucket, a repository for later handling

  • Data extraction from any report
  • A powerful interface for generating advanced reports and many other tools are there.

  1. Comparison and discovery:

The Pro plan from Majestic grants you access to site comparisons, which are helpful for benchmarking and finding backlinking chances. Possibly that website might connect to your site if your competition had a backlink from it.

  1. Anchor text breakdown:

Majestic SEO tool’s other feature is the most common anchor text that people use when they link to some specific page or to any website domain. This provides a detailed anchor text list. It makes it simple to identify which terms frequently exist in an anchor text profile for a website page.

Pros and cons:

Pros –

  1. The capability of deep crawling
  2. Broad array of backlinks indexing and domain analysis tools.
  3. Strong reporting
  4. Added campaign functionality
  5. Provide useful help and all the resources throughout the FAQ section.
  6. Their database contains up to 13 figure URLs
  7. The historic index is one the most amazing feature as it is helpful in conducting link detox campaigns.

Cons –

  1. No PPC/ CPC metrics
  2. No keyword difficulty management and ranking
  3. Custom Majestic metrics can be confusing
  4. No SERP results or landing page alignment
  5. Not user interface
  6. No app for mobile

Key differences from competitors: 

Majestic is famous for backlink generation. However, it is also famous for its other features. It delivers link intelligence, and in the form of backlink histories, it provides domain metrics too. Moreover, it also offers anchor text, its own flow metrics, referring domains, and keyword research to its users. To Prepare marketing professionals and SEOs with the information to improve their link-building and enhance search engine optimization strategies, the Majestic SEO tool is best for your online marketing for your business.

Mobile Accessibility:

Majestic is only designed for PCs as there is no app for mobile.


Majestic integrates with a bunch of software, including Semrush, WebCEO, BrightEdge, DashThis, Authoritas, Piwik PRO, Performance Suite, Marketing Miner, Pitchbox, and Agency Analytics. Moreover, majestic has also announced integration with BuzzSumo for the domain metrics directly into the influencer identification tool and in social listening.


Majestic provides support to their user through the contact us option on their website. If any user wants any suggestions or concerns about their site or services and experiences, their customer services will guide you to your answer. If you need more information, their glossary and FAQ sections have given an explanation in detail.

Majestic SEO tool is famous for generating backlinks, and  The Majestic tool is not only a standalone tool for advanced SEO use; it is also a database that many other tools will access to provide backlinks profiles for a site. Amazing app for the small business to make your website at the top of the search engine the google.

For more details, please visit the majestic website.

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