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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Stash

technology-tools-product-review-stashStash can be a fantastic platform for users who wish to have a saved knowledge base that contains a set of links that they want to access in the future. This can be a handy product that can be used across a wide plethora of businesses, regardless of their profiles and by a wide variety of professionals. This application makes the overall collection of links and articles easy to access with its powerful features to organize them according to their profiles.



Editions and Pricing

Stash is currently in beta version and has not yet released any pricing plans for the users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Stash-AutomaticOrganizationAutomatic Organization
Stash automatically analyses and categorizes the links helping you to find them later. Stash intelligently arranges and organized pages based on what they are or what purpose they serve.



Stash-CrossDeviseSync Cross Device Sync
Stash not only works fine with your personal computer browser but also, it syncs automatically when you try to access links through your smartphone or your tablet device. The application reflects changes or updations everywhere you wish to obtain automatically and immediately.


Stash-QuicklyAccessPlacesQuickly Access Places
Links can be more than just a collection of articles or recopied you are interested in. Rather, they can also be places, movies, books and much more. Stash helps you quickly search, find and stash those items and adds them to the knowledge base.



Stash-TeamCollaboration Team Collaboration
Stash may help not only one person but also assist in collaborating organizations to utilize relevant data and information as they work together on similar projects. This can be a central knowledge base for bookmarks that can be used in the future. Stash lets you immediately invite collaborators to a collection to share and find links.



Stash-IntegratingSlack Integrating Slack
You can easily integrate a Stash collection with a Slack Channel and make the workflow smoother. The corresponding Slack channel get automatic updates and shares a notification whenever a change is available on the Stash collection.


Stash-ArticleReader Article Reader
Stash suite consists of a distraction-free reader mode that automatically opens a link. the link can be of an article so that you can read the article with an easy without bothering about the ads or squinting at the text.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is available and works efficiently across all devices. Stash is readily available on Android and iOS devices and is accessible via tablets making it easy to work even when you are on the go.


The application seamlessly integrates with Slack.


The application is incredibly easy to use and therefore does not require much of support to people who are either working through online applications or through web apps on mobile devices. Still. Stash offers email support to its users. You can shoot an email to the team behind Stash if you are facing any troubles with the application.

Pros and Cons of Stash


  • Efficient and easy organization of links.
  • Article reader helps to browse through the content quickly.


A suggestions feature can suggest the posts that are  available in the application. This may help find more relevant links online.


  • Dedicated article reader contributes to reading articles without distraction caused due to unwanted ads or text issues, and makes it different from other tools.
  • Seamless sync across mobile devices- tablets and smartphones make it an excellent tool to use.

For more details, please visit the Stash website.

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