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Friday , April 12 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Stencil

marketing-tools-product-review-stencilA stencil can be a fantastic application for you to market your business on the internet and most importantly, through social channels. The application helps users to create and choose any desired images from the collection to sell their brand or service they offer.

Stencil allows users to create custom sized pictures or images dedicated to a particular platform with a predetermined image size. You can also schedule images that are to be published on the online channels through Buffer making the process easier for you.


Editions and Pricing

Stencil offers 14 days free trial for all the interested users.

Free plan Free 10 images per month
Pro $ 9 per month Unlimited Images

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Stencil-CreateImagesfromAnywhereCreate Images From Anywhere
The application lets you create and generate the images you wish to create from anywhere with your personal Chrome extensions. You can highlight text anywhere and add any photo from the web through this fantastic platform.



Choose from a wide collection of Stunning photos

The platform allows you to choose from around 6,60,000 stunning and incredible public domain stock photos which are ready to use. The images are of super high resolution and ready to be used for anything. Your motive is to

Save your FavoritesThe platform allows you to save your favorite photos so that you can use them in future. This may save a lot of time and increase efficiency. The images can be utilized for any and every task you want to deal with. All the photos are provided and checked by a team at Pixabay and are safe to use right from Stencil.


Stencil-AutomaticAndCustomizedSizeAdjustments Automatic and Customized Size adjustments
The product Stencil generates perfect sizes for whichever image you are creating. The images automatically adjust to the appropriate sizes as they are designed. Moreover, the application works perfectly if you wish to use the photos across the social media. The images can be modified to optimal sizes for social posts, ads, blog images, and more. Specify also allows you to create pictures of the sizes you desire.


Stencil-LivePreviewsLive Previews
It is always beneficial to have previews of images you wish to share to the world. Stencil allows you to have a preview of the content before you publish them into the market and on social channels. This feature may save you from the horror of wrongly placed or sized images posted on the internet. Specify works for popular social platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram, and
  • Buffer


Stencil-ScheduleImagesSchedule Images
You can create images for your business marketing purposes through Stencil as well as create a plan seamlessly integrating with Buffer. This feature helps to save more time. All you need to do is to create an account and work with Buffer.



Stencil-SelectfromaCollectionOfIcons Select from a collection of Icons
Stencil provides a broad range of over 2,00,000 icons from where you can choose images as you require. The icons are all royalty-free and completely safe to use for personal or commercial purposes.



The application seamlessly integrates with a number to social platforms to market your business online converting visitors into customers. The social integrations are as follows:

  • Pixabay
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


The FAQ section provides answers to some many issues or problems people may face using Stencil. The Support section in the application also offers help where you can write down your queries and send to the Stencil Support team for assistance.

Pros and Cons of Stencil


  • Predetermined image modification dedicated to the social platforms saves time to modify images on a regular basis.
  • Scheduling social posts through Buffer may save a lot of time.


  • The feature of reporting and analytics can make the product more efficient.


  • Pre-determined size modification function dedicated for each platform makes it different from other tools.
  • Social post scheduling, an added feature lets you create and publish posts on a single platform.

For more details, please visit Stencil website.

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