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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- DemandJump

marketing-tools-product-review-demandjumpDemandJump is a platform for Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM). It derives knowledge from digital data which helps marketers look for the best brand-specific opportunities. It helps them remove blind spots and data silos, get the budget allocation optimized and have a single version of the truth. You can get an overview of all the PR opportunities, content opportunities, affiliate opportunities, eCommerce and PR opportunities just by having a quick glance at the Dashboard.

DemandJump has brought about a rise in the level of predictive marketing intelligence allowing marketers to track competitor movements and increase their traffic and conversions.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta; you can sign up for a demo.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

DemandJump_ContentMarketingContent Marketing
You can look up trending topic and keywords and create strong content. A user can track the reach of your content and increase it by identifying influencers who can promote your content. You can easily monitor the resultant traffic.



DemandJump_InfluencersIdentify Influencers
With DemandJump, you can identify the individuals responsible for driving the greatest traffic not just to your content but also your competitor’s content. Users can access influencer networks instantly and understand the engagement and the impact of each influencer through influence scores.


DemandJump_MarketIntelligenceMarket Intelligence
DemandJump allows you to compare yourself with the competitors to determine where you are lagging behind or staying ahead of them. You can prioritize lead generation opportunities by competitive traffic. You can use the PURE score to find out the strongest opportunities.



DemandJump_TrackRelationshipsTrack Relationships
One can also use DemandJump as a CRM tool to efficiently monitor and manage your most significant relationships. You can find out the useful insight that you can use while negotiating with your partners. You can also have direct engagements with recommended contacts.



DemandJump_TechnologyStackTechnology Stack
You can compare your technology stack with others and find out opportunities and gaps and discover which competitor technologies are prevailing the most.



Pros and Cons of DemandJump


  • Gives direction to your future strategies rather than just displaying past data.
  • Analyzes critical data to find out opportunities you didn’t even know existed.
  • Powerful prediction engine intuitively predicts opportunities that need to be acted upon.


  • No mobile application.


DemandJump has some capabilities that you’ll not find in other tools. Its ability to provide instant visibility into marketing opportunities, gap analysis, ability to analyze the winning areas of competitors and providing the recommendation for your future strategies are some of the things that make it a valuable marketing tool.

For more details, please visit DemandJump Website.

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