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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Guru

collaboration-tools-product-review-guruGuru is one of the top online collaboration software or chrome extension that helps you in capturing the knowledge you need to share with your team. It extracts relevant content and provides it to your team anywhere and anytime. The accuracy of this content will be verified by your subject matter experts.

It’s built into your team’s workflow, so you no longer need to log into slow loading portals or look through old wikis to search for what you are looking for. The experts will not need to shoulder tap or remember to keep updating the content constantly; they can easily focus on their job. It has a context feature using which you Guru content can integrate with the app that you are using.

Editions and Pricing

Guru has a free version which can be used by up to 10 users. The standard version of Guru will cost you $16 per user per month when charged annually and $19 per month when charged on per month basis. If you have a larger team, you can also go for the enterprise version.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Your organizational knowledge will be stored in the form of arrangeable cards. These consumable bits of information can be easily shared with your team members. So all the info about product features, competitive info, FAQs, object handling, proposal responses, etc. will be stocked with accurate info. You can curate a board where all your cards will be organized in an easily presentable format. You can also favorite cards so as to make them easily accessible.


Guru_ContentVerificationContent Verification
Your team will always get the information they can trust. Its verification workflow ensures that your staff will always have access to accurate and updated information verified by the experts.



Inevitably your cards will get outdated after a while. Guru’s verification queue makes it easy to keep updating the info. It will keep reminding you about the cards that have gotten old and might need editing.



The background feature takes your business apps connected to Guru so that your team can receive context specific suggestions. You no longer need to search endlessly for things you need as Guru will look up relevant content and bring it to you anytime anywhere.


Pros and Cons of Guru


  • Allows privacy settings to make cards accessible to only a select few.
  • Allows communications and @mentions about relevant info.
  • Using markdown syntax you can easily copy and paste the content without losing formatting.
  • Activity feed keeps you updated with the cards that are being created and utilized by your team.


  • One might find it a bit tricky to work in the beginning.

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The idea of storing bits of information in the form of arrangeable cards is brilliant. This, along with the context feature can be especially useful while onboarding new employees.

For more details, please visit Guru Website.

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