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Wednesday , June 26 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Qlutter


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Task management is not an easy task. You have to plan, follow up, and finally jump to your goals. What if all these steps are confined to a single platform where you can manage all of them in parallel? We are talking about Qlutter, an app that controls the workflow of your business goals. It helps you achieve your long-term goals with one step at a time.

Qlutter is a straightforward and quick tool for accomplishing all the items in your long-term plan list. The interface is crisp and provides appealing features like kanban view, priority settings with signs, color-coded labels, and badges. The all customized features and options make Qlutter a task helper for our teams and help us to make productive choices with work hour management.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0 Up to 3 users Up to 1 team
Team $39/month/team Up to 15 users Up to 1 team
Pro $15/month/user Flexible users Unlimited teams

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_qlutter_kanban_viewKanban View
In the planning section, you can track all the important information in the kanban view. The framework contains more than one column that enlists tasks of the user.

You can quickly add an item with required information so its progression can be tracked. The drag and drop allow one to move an item from one column to other. You can see your columns in list format also.

product_review_qlutter_item_detailsItem Details
The addition of an item is pretty easy with a click. Moreover, while inserting details, you can assign a user, add labels, description, its priority and estimated days. You can also add attachments and can link a task to the item.


product_review_qlutter_weekly_activity1Weekly Activity
Presented in the kanban view, business framework shows the tasks and items allotted for each day. Edit of any work is simple where the user can mention the estimated hours along with the type of the function, which contains color coded for quick identification, and colored badge.

product_review_qlutter_weekly_activity2Also, define the status of it for making it manageable. The option of sorting is present to make you access desired content fast.



Mobile Accessibility

Currently, Qlutter does not have a dedicated mobile app but accessible through mobile web browser.


The app does not provide integration with any other app.


The app provides the knowledge base and email support for the users.

Pros and Cons of Qlutter


  • Drag and drop work items in any columns.
  • Overview of boards.
  • Customizable color badge.
  • Import data from Excel.
  • Label filter.


  • No option to undo the column movement.
  • No space for notes or to-dos.
  • A reminder option would have added more value to the app.


Qlutter app is known for the collaboration it provides for planning, measure, and achieve your business goals with team efforts.

For more details, please visit Qlutter website.

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