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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Shortlist

marketing-and-sales-tools-product-review-shortlistThe product Shortlist can be a perfect partner to carry out all your marketing and sales activities if you area an active business person. Not only does this excellent tool offers workforce management features, but also, it provides services such as Service Procurement, Performance Management, Automated Onboarding, Talent and Supply Portal, Talent Sourcing, Invoices and Payments, Contract Management as well as nice and quick insight generator to track the overall performance of the business.



Editions and Pricing

The pricing plans for the product are as under:

Startup Free
Premium Starts from $299 per month
Enterprise Contact vendors for a quote

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Shortlist-InitiateNewWorkOrdersInitiate Work Orders
With Shortlist, you can save a lot of time and also stay organized. Shortlist helps you start new work orders quickly, automate approvals, and create brief’s using customizable templates.



Shortlist-SourcingToolsAndRFXSourcing Tools and RFx
The application lets you send out simple to complex RFPs/ RFIs in just a few clicks. The application tracks everyone’s progress helping you to gain real-time visibility about the business plans, and this ultimately helps to make informed business decisions.



Shortlist-TrackPerformanceTrack Performance
The application, Shortlist uses an automated feature to track your business performance by collecting the feedbacks from your team in an automated manner. Shortlist does this for you after completion of every project to ensuring the best performance from the business.



Shortlist-DocumentsAndInvoicesOrganizing Your Invoices and Documents
Shortlist helps you to keep all the invoices and documents in one place. The application also keeps you updated about any changes made for them through the regular alerts and notification feature.



Shortlist-InsightsAndReportsInsights and Reports
Shortlist helps you get ideas about your workforce performance. The application uses many classifications to generate performance reports and drive insights about their teams.



Mobile Accessibility

The product is unavailable on mobile devices such as iOS or Android platforms, however, can be accessed via the mobile web.


Shortlist is flexible to integrate with almost all the tools and application that you and your team is using. All you need to do is to go ahead and authenticate them with Shortlist, and you can use them immediately. It integrates with Slack and keeps everyone updated through the Slack channels. Shortlist also integrates with Zapier.

Additionally, Shortlist also offers to integrate with you directly via our API. This method is a bit more technical, and you may want to discuss this with the Shortlist team.


The application website provides complete address of the company locations around the globe. Also, the tool offers telephone support and email support with a Blog section to resolve any queries or issues a customer faces.

Pros and Cons of Shortlist


  • Highly intuitive and easy to use application
  • One single platform to take care of some business activities.


  • The communication before setting up the account is appreciable but also can be a road blocker for those who wish to try a free version before they go forward using Shortlist.


  • RPF Management, Contract Management, etc. features add value for such a solution which is dedicated for freelancers.
  • Better operations management using simple technology and easy to use methods.

For more details, please visit Shortlist website.


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