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Saturday , March 2 2024

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The Growth Story of Findo

the-growth-story-of-findoFindo is the new Artificial Intelligence startup that has launched its product to find things. The application uses very smart algorithms to find files, messages, and other data and information across your online accounts. The product is co-founded by Gary Fowler and Dr. David Yang; it has grown to be an intelligent assistant for the iPhone and Web. You can search the locally stored files or online files using Findo.

The application connects to the web based accounts to help you find files you need across Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, Box, Outlook, Exchange and much more to unearth information. The application uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) as an AI tool to help you find files and documents. This project aims to be a smart partner to dig out files even if they are relevant to the search keywords.

Presence In The Market

With all the efforts put together, Findo finally finds its path to the market. The fantastic product has also raised a revenue of $3 million recently. The main reason behind the success of this product is its facility to search files online and offline. Shifting file storage online made it difficult to dig out data quickly when there are so many accounts involved. In this case, the ability to find information locally or through online accounts is a big challenge. And then arrived the need in the market for such a partner which can search through online accounts to surface the needed files quickly.

Although having a great search algorithm, Findo was unable to search through the content of images or audio files. Findo is still in the early days of development, and the team is not currently promising a glossy product for now, but the team is confident that people will like it.

Findo is always moving on its way to progress and the team believes that the users take the product as a child learning each day and constantly evolving into a more advanced product. Despite its powerful search features, there are things the product has to work still on. Findo is still unable to work efficiently with media files such as images and audio files.

Though Findo is available on iPhone and web-based platform, the team is working to bring it to Android too. But, before that, the team want to extend its searching algorithms to the third party messaging platforms. Messaging services such as Slack, Skype via bots, Facebook Messenger, etc. are the grounds they are looking to move into.

The Bottom Line

The Findo team is working constantly empowering its AI engine. They are moving to work more efficiently and through media files as well as messaging tools. The team is always working to dig new flags in the messaging platforms. As most of the conversations are moving towards this communication method, it has now become a necessary. Considering this, Findo is making all its efforts to get fully loaded towards the messaging applications shortly.

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