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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- CluedIn

technology-tools-product-review-cluedinIn the contemporary business world, the tasks of data storage, handling, and sharing are done with the help of a variety of cloud tools. These tools have undoubtedly made the jobs easier and quicker. However, with the current pace of development, a broad array of tools have come into existence and are all being simultaneously used for various purposes. The filtering and monitoring of the information stored on these tools become tight and convoluted.

CluedIn is the latest tool that has substantially simplified the management, retrieval, and control of data. It finds the connection between two pieces of data coming from different sources and links them together to provide a unified view. The data hunting can be done from CluedIn itself.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is available in three different versions.

Free Team Enterprise
$0 Per user per month $9 Per user per month Contact the Tool’s Team
Deep Search Deep Search Deep Search
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
500 MB/ Organization Unlimited Content Unlimited Content
Intelligence Engine Intelligence Engine Intelligence Engine
Keep in the Loop Keep in the Loop Keep in the Loop
Advanced Filter Advanced Filter Advanced Filter
Content Preview Content Preview Content Preview
 Hybrid Mode, on-premises providers
 Data Residency Control

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

CluedIn_IntegrationIntegration With Cloud Tools
Once you’ve signed up on CluedIn, you can choose your URL. Now you’re all set to start integrating the various cloud tools that your company uses. There is no limit to the number of tools that can be integrated. The access to the information on these tools can be selectively granted to the desired team members.


CluedIn_DataSearchData Search
When you have integrated the tools that you use for your business, you can carry out data searching using specific keywords. You can input the keyword, select the file type, and the tool will search for the related content stored in all the linked services. The tool also searches from within the content itself and provides embedded previews. You can very easily trace out that how that content is related to you and perform the necessitous work on it.


CluedIn_connectContent Unification
The tool also allows you to connect the similar content across two or more tools. If the name of a person, document, or any other keyword matches, the content can be extracted in a unified view. You can subscribe to such content and receive notifications never from missing the relevant updates.



CluedIn_UserInvitesInviting Users
Your team’s cloud hub is ready. Now you can invite the team members to join in. This ensures active engagement of the concerned members and eases the task of data handling and management.



Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app of the tool is not yet available. It is readily available via the mobile browsers.


The tool features tight and seamless integration with numerous other cloud tools that allow storing, handling, and sharing of data. Some of these tools include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Asana,, TeamWork, Slack, LinkedIn, Microsoft Office 365, Google Plus, etc. You can put in requests to provide other integrations.  The users of Team and Enterprise editions can also ask for integration of on-premises internal tools.


The tool provides round the clock support via emails, telephone, and online query forms along with maintaining a proactive presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Pros and Cons of CluedIn


  • The fundamental features of the tool are available for free.
  • Seamless integration with various major data handling tools.
  • The Integration with on-premises internal tools.
  • Connectivity of data across different platforms.
  • Embedded previews of the data.
  • Possess the feature of internal hosting.


  • The tool does not yet allow the importing of data from local storage and services.
  • Unavailability of the mobile app.


The tool presents one of its kind features. It entails seamless integration with most of the major cloud-based data handling tools and allows the connections with other toolsets upon request. The ability to link with on-premises internal tools and unify the similar content across different tools are again the unique attributes.

For more details, please visit CluedIn website.

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