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Monday , June 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Partyline

project-management-tools-product-review-partylineWhile working on a project, most of the business owners invest time and money for team collaboration and project management. It is required for all the team members that they got well organized and synchronized when possessing different tasks of a project. Slack provides a communication platform where business owners can sync the team.

Partyline is a slack based tool that helps business owners or project managers to coordinate team members for project management effectively and efficiently. The tool provides the coolest way for conversation and collaboration. All you need is that your team use Slack with an account on GitHub and Sprintly.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_partyline_work_from_slackWork From Slack
The tool offers commands to create a story or task. Once you enter the commands, your team gets notifications about the updates of the project through Slack.



product_review_partyline_search_from_slackSearch From Slack
The tool provides an innovative way of tracking progress. You can enter search commands to know what task is running on.



product_review_partyline_message_historyMessage History
The tool lets you see the history of messages through Slack. You can anytime see when a story was created and what the discussion was.



product_review_partyline_asset_linksAsset Links
The best thing about the tool is that you can use the links from other tools such as Dropbox and Google Docs for collaboration right in Slack channel. You can easily find shared attachment for the project.



product_review_partyline_powerful_commandsPowerful Commands
With great commands, you can do anything that other tool such as Sprintly offers. You can create the task, update, or search in a very easy way using commands.



Mobile Accessibility

Partyline is accessible for mobile browsing.


The tool has high integration with GitHub and Sprintly. It also has integration with all the tools that integrate with Slack.


The tool provides support for documentation. You can get help from direct messages on a Slack channel as well.

Pros and Cons of Partyline


  • Beautiful user interface.
  • Powerful commands for project management.


  • It takes the time to configure the tool for GitHub and Sprintly.


Partyline differentiates from other tools in many ways. The tool makes it easy to assign tasks, search for project information, and create new wit the team. It keeps your team synchronized on one Slack channel where you can communicate using direct messages and commands. The stand out features include strong integration and innovative way of conversation with the team. There are different commands available for GitHub and Sprintly. You can choose the platform as your convenience. The tool allows you to share links in the Slack securely.

For more details, please visit Partyline website.

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