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Friday , May 24 2024

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Partner up to give Growth Hacking a boost


One concept that is integral to growth hacking is incorporating influencers. A good growth hacking plan NEVER omits the role of influencers for its business rather emphasizes on its importance and plans a strategy to use this feature to its cause. It is essential to analyze the parameters of the …

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How Influencers affect Growth Hacking?


Growth Hacking has evolved the way of marketing over the social media where recommendation has been more powerful and more effective than direct advertising. Influencers or active people (very often are expert in their fields), or industry that drive large volume of people for interaction and building credibility affect the …

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10 Worst Tech Predictions Of All Time


It is of common knowledge that technological evolution has astounding pace. This makes it impossible to deliver tech predictions. Every minute technology gives something awesome that drives you crazy. However, many tech pundits tried to forecast about upcoming technologies and that went doozy and funny. The most ironic thing about these …

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Smart Machines Driving the World


Artificial Intelligence is about to rule the world with self-driving cars to drones, and from smartphones to robots. We have robots everywhere, robots who can assist us, robots who can be our slaves and who can simplify our life a hundredfold. We, the humans are the ones who know how to …

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Smart Homes, Smart Offices


Imagination has no limits, we can imagine whatever we want. Just imagine, your house automatically detects you as you arrive and the lock gets open, at the entry gate as you step in lights turn on and as you look at the television, it turns on. What if the room …

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Benefits of 3D Printing for Small and Medium Business

5-benefits-of 3D-printing

In 3D printing, successive layers of material are formed under computer’s control to create a three-dimensional object. These objects can be of any shape or geometry. The process uses the liquid, powder, sheet form of virtually any material (plastic or metal) to make the object, and applies layers of the …

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Device Mesh: A Step towards a Smarter Tomorrow


Sensors! The only thing making devices smart and intelligent. Truly, every appliance in today’s date comes locked and loaded with sensors to react better to the user’s need and provide excellent outputs. Whether it is air humidifier, thermostats or even lights; each of them provides its users with services depending …

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