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Saturday , March 2 2024

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Smart Machines Driving the World

Smart-Machines-driving-the-worldArtificial Intelligence is about to rule the world with self-driving cars to drones, and from smartphones to robots. We have robots everywhere, robots who can assist us, robots who can be our slaves and who can simplify our life a hundredfold. We, the humans are the ones who know how to make them and raise funds to research and design them.

AI has been with us since 1950’s, but we didn’t really called it as Artificial Intelligence. According to Dr. Roman Yamploskiy, Director of Cyber Security Laboratory, and a Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere- in your phones, in your cars, its Google, it’s every bit of technology you are using.

But AI has experienced an explosion in the recent years- a new weapon in warfare, for example may use extreme intelligence to target enemies with specialized cameras and advanced sensors. In Chengdu, China, a company Foxconn who makes Apple and other electronics has just built a factory run entirely by robots.

What’s next expected is- Superintelligence, intelligence beyond human. Machines are being empowered to be super-intelligent. Many big companies and firms are hiring the brightest of minds and scientists are working hard to impart highly advanced thinking and analytical capabilities to the machines. Capabilities which make them:

  • Super fast: These machines are expected to be not only super fast in action, but also super smart, i.e. they can predict “ultrafast extreme events”, like stock market crashes at a pace no human can keep up with.
  • Super complex: The intelligence that carries out a complex surgery in an operation theatre, for example is made up of so many interconnected elements, that the people operating them can’t completely comprehend.
  • Super analytical: Artificial Intelligence is being used to create such machines whose analytical powers are so complex that they do not miss even a single data fluctuation and can comprehend   extremely precise results; something that humans will never be able to do because of unintentional human errors.

What kind of devices will we see that have these abilities?

  • Super Soldiers: The military, probably will be the first one to use such devices in warfare. Superintelligant machines will take the places of men with exceptional controls and accuracy destroying the targets. Robots, soldiers, sophisticated drones, etc. are some of the places where Artificial Intelligence is replacing us in wars.
  • Super Doctors: Next to military and warfare, AI is experiencing great heights in the field of health-care. Highly advanced machines are now capable to diagnose health issues in a less hassle free manner than before. Advanced robotic arms are assisting surgeons on the surgery table during complex operations.
    Even Drug Development Biotech companies are now uniting Artificial Intelligence with Big Data to identify new drug compounds.
  • Space and science: With a highly advanced computational power, Scientists are now able to carry out researches across a broad spectrum. From the deepest of seas to the distant galaxies, drilling under the crust to analyzes complex brain structure, these smart machines brought a revolution in technology.
  • Education and Learning: While we may not see a humanoid robot taking place of a teacher in the classroom, but there are many projects that are been already in work. The education system may be spending a lot of time in grading the students, for this computers can easily replace and automate the system so that teachers or mentors can invest that time preparing for classes or even work on professional development.
    Smart Machines are also helping disabled people for their education, health care and overall development.
  • Smart Homes and Smart Offices: The Internet of Things has affected people in their daily lives with everyday chores. Homes have become smarter with highly advanced kitchen appliances, sensors, automatic temperature controls, hi-tech televisions, washing machines, air conditioners and many more.
    Along with homes, Smart machines has also revolutionized today’s work places as well. Highly advanced sensors will shut down the computers, lock the doors and put off lights and cooling or heating systems as everyone leaves the office. Smart machines will also help you find parking place in the work premises.
  • Super Workers: These smart machines can any day put a lot of us out of our job. Employers love robots- they don’t have to deal with sick leaves, vacation or any other reason not to be present at the job. Machines are rapidly replacing physical labor job since a long time and now we’ll be losing intellectual jobs too.
  • Super Viruses:   Computer viruses created with Artificial Intelligence can cause serious damages to the level we are unable to understand as it is only the beginning.

The Bottom Line

The Smart Machines can be imparted with knowledge that they can compete humans in terms of skills and intelligence.  According to Dr. Yampolskiy, a Turing Test was developed in 1950 to test machine’s ability to perform in a way that could not be differentiated from a human and the Turing Test has been passed.

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