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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Smart Homes, Smart Offices

Smart-Homes-Smart-OfficesImagination has no limits, we can imagine whatever we want. Just imagine, your house automatically detects you as you arrive and the lock gets open, at the entry gate as you step in lights turn on and as you look at the television, it turns on. What if the room temperature is already set according to your suitable temperature limit and all electronics appliances are connected with solar power and automated through the internet that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablets. Surprisingly, smart home technology has made it possible these days.

Office and parking lot lights can be turned off with the lack of movement, air conditioning can be controlled with your phone, and doors can lock (and stay locked) once everyone leaves. The operating devices are connected to each other for making easy to communicate with one who is doing relevant tasks. Interesting? Let us explore.

Smart Home Technology

The technology makes all the electronic devices around the house act smart or automated. In near future, all the devices will take advantage of home networks and the internet. By this way, they can communicate with each other as well as consumer or manufacturer. Not only will they be networked, but they will also enable various automated features to increase their ease of use. The technology is currently being developed and implemented.

Technical Environment

There are several technical ways to embed home appliances with standardization like microcontrollers, Bluetooth, ZigBee, USB, power circuit, radio frequency (RF) and protocols. These technologies allow to make mesh networks (wired or wireless) around the home that results in their ease of use. Moreover, recent tools provide a platform as Internet of Things, where the home incorporates a control panel and smartphones to control and monitor everything. Whether it is pet activities or an intruder inside.

For Health Issues

Smart homes have specific features for health perspective. Some devices aim to give solution for your health issues, for example, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system includes temperature and humidity control providing fresh air. The automation system can act out by automatically adjusting the lighting or window coverings. Detection systems such as fire alarm, gas leak, or water leaks can be integrated with control panel. Personal medical alarm systems allow an injured home occupant to some help.

Future Scenario

Everybody knows that necessity is the mother of inventions and these days ever-changing technologies have evolved our lives. Smartphones and tablets are becoming necessities. Features are transformed into essentials. Guess what’s in the near future?

Coming Soon

Technologies ranging from thoughts to reality are being developed. Artificial intelligence at your desktop, roaming robots, furniture with built-in wireless charger and sensors that track your every move involved in the technology is yet to come.

The Bottom Line

Smart homes and smart offices are integrated with a control systems which are easy to use and can be accessed by anybody in any environment. They provide smart technology solutions which can be used to enhance and simply your business or home environment with a variety of features such as audio and video distribution, lighting and shade controls, security and surveillance.Let them solve all your problems so that you can concentrate on your work.

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