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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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How Context Aware Security is the Dawn of new Security Trend?

How-Context-Aware-Security-is-the-Dawn-of-new-Security-TrendInformation security has always been a primary concern for data analysts. With the current technological evolutions on the rise and Internet of Things on the verge of a breakthrough, security decisions based on data have become all the more complicated. Traditional methods somehow fall short of doing their jobs with such colossal amount of data that too so diversified. So a new approach has been evolved to maintain the optimum level of decision making based on how a system reacts to the various clues the sensors pick up. And this has come to be known as context-aware security where a system makes the smart decision based on various factors that it observes from the surroundings and makes different security decision for different users.

Context-Aware Security: A New Hype

As is common knowledge that context-aware environments are the future and so is context-aware security with it. The world has already seen many occurrences of context-aware security like Michael Covington’s paper in IEEE about context-aware security architecture and DARPA’s application of the same in its CMU project. The outcomes generated were astounding and reinforced the belief of getting precise results even with fluctuating data sources. As it eliminated the requirement of hard coded algorithms that were enforcing static policies. This architecture has proved itself more than apt for smart innovations. Gartner has marked context-aware security as the oncoming trends of the era with major concern on dynamic and flexible application execution functionality to increase feasibility.

Key Findings and Applications

Context-Aware Security algorithms extract clues from a much wider input pool than any. Suppose a smart home with context-aware security algorithm will make its decisions based on the identities present in the home, the daily schedule and habits. Even access might be controlled using it and the system denies access to people he doesn’t recognize. These type of systems mostly take clues from location and time but are not just limited to that.  Context-aware security is applied in various scenarios of applications awareness along with identity awareness and can also be deployed for content awareness. This, in turn, makes applications dynamic and resourceful in IT infrastructure at the same time. Adaptive security infrastructure provides convenience and insightful display of smart techniques that are core to context-aware security.

All there is to Know

Context-based security is the urgent need as it is driving other information trends such as mobilization (increasing mobile workforce that needs support on the go), externalization (collaborating with external agents), virtualization (virtualized data centers not tied to a specific IP or location), cloud computing and consumerization (allowing many devices to get in sync and provide accurate results to consumers). Engaging real-time context in observations by the system to provide adaptive security and solutions with precision. It is enabling various levels of trust and reliability by shifting to a paradigm that focuses on dynamic systems like data protection, network access control, intrusion prevention systems and endpoint protection platforms.

The Bottom Line

Finally putting two and two together reveals the nature of context-based security and its adaptiveness in the dynamic environments in the light of new smart decision-making processes and a plethora of smart devices.

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