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Saturday , December 2 2023

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Humai- Reinventing the Afterlife through AI

Humai- Reinventing-the-Afterlife-through-AI

Science Fiction movies have been displaying the turn of events Artificial Intelligence has the capability to bring. Movies like IRobot and Transcendence truly speaks of the marvels that future awaits. Though, it sounds like made up stories but there was a time when flying aircrafts were considered nothing but sorcery …

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10 reasons why your Content Marketing Failed


There is no question about how critical the content marketing can be for any business growth. Business owners make investments on the content marketing regardless its quality or ability to produce revenue. They hope that the content is fine enough for them, but they don’t think of the conversion goals. …

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What the Wearable Technology Will look like in 5 years

What-the-Wearable-Technology -Will-look-like-in-5-years

Everybody gets stunned every time when a new smart wearable comes in the market. Every time the technology raises the bar, breaks the pathway of current tech products and gets a fresh beginning with innovative new tech products. Collectively, predictability of technology seems to have a slippery slope. Smartphones ousted PCs by …

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10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses should Outsource


Small business owners at all times try to find better solutions for their tasks and figuring out their budgets and resources. They at all times look at the top most tools that have the capabilities to simplify the glitches while running the business. That’s where outsourcing is required. Outsourcing has …

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Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business


Although the marketing techniques are transforming into digital these days, Email marketing lodged its place as evergreen effective way of marketing. For the business purpose, it is always a great way that looks professional. It boasts its own unique features, even though there are several software available that automate Email …

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10 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes


Emerging startups require significant attention that is easy to grab from online sources like websites, social media platforms etc. With consumers looking towards more and more online services for ease of use and efficiency, digital marketing becomes a prominent aspect that asks for extra efforts to be put into. According …

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10 Channels where SMBs must market their business


Many small and mid-size businesses are trying how to more effectively market their business given the plenty of marketing channels.Most small businesses need assistance in the following areas: Understanding how to best equate, engage, and interact with prospects and consumers to maximize purchase and ROI( Return On Investment) Determining which …

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