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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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10 Channels where SMBs must market their business

10-Channels-where-SMBs-must-market-their-businessMany small and mid-size businesses are trying how to more effectively market their business given the plenty of marketing channels.Most small businesses need assistance in the following areas:

  • Understanding how to best equate, engage, and interact with prospects and consumers to maximize purchase and ROI( Return On Investment)
  • Determining which channels and marketing components are most capable for growing their business.

There are various channels where SMBs can engage to grow their business.


One of the greatest platforms for marketing of small businesses is Blogging. By providing clients with informative and exclusive content on a blog, one can create an opportunity for their audience to share the content with others, promote socially and thus offering other networks to add to their planning.

Leverage social media

Social media marketers always advice that to grow business one must involve in social media marketing. Social media can be a blessing for small businesses. By providing an interface of an information that are useful for the customer on social channels helps the customer to engage with a company and thus endorsing your business at a lower rate.

Email marketing and email reminders

When you get customers to join your email list you can actually reach them.By sharing information about your business through emails helps a customer to know how valuable your products are. Now the question arises that what percentage of customer have read about the email because statistics says that there are merely 20% emails which are read.One way to give your emails a better chance of getting read is to send reminder emails. Even better, sending reminder emails personified for each subscriber.

Conduct webinars

The key ability to give, receive and discuss information in real time makes webinar a great feature for marketing of small businesses. The participants must share a rich and well- organized content with webinar attendees along with audios and it should be conducted by experienced one.

Press releases

Press releases help SMBs to magnify their content across thousands of global channels, and thus helping them to obtain the same exposure as other larger business and brands.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

PPC help SMBs to have their ads on the top of the search result instantly when PPC campaign are set up. Thus, it is a powerful way for SMBs to dip their toe into the online marketing world.

Post to Pinterest and Instagram

If SMBs are selling a visual product or service like if they are in clothing or Creative business then posting images on Pinterest or on Instagram can help them increase their followings.

Creating a Facebook business page and use Facebook advertising

Facebook is a great marketing tool for any business to use, especially a small business. It provides a great opportunity for small and medium size business owners to build a relation with fans by sharing relative content and can be in touch with their fans by commenting and liking their fans comments.

Finding customers on twitter

Twitter can serve as a great platform for finding new customers. At twitter people apart from tweeting about events and random things also tweet about different products they are interested in and in which they need any advice.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn group is a great venue to enter into the professional world. By posting new product, new issue and joining groups that are related to your service, you will be able to reach thousands of people interested in your business.

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