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Friday , April 19 2024

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Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – This 10 tips will make you do something “extraordinary”

Word-PowerPoint-Excel-tipsMicrosoft Office is one of the most popular Office suites used out in the market. Features such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are used by all businesses- big and small. Microsoft also offers versions for students, for homes as well as for big industries. Although every one of us is using these tools, but still most of them do not use it to its full potential. Here are 10 amazing tips to make you better at these Microsoft Tools.

Rid-off Unwanted Formatting in Word
Microsoft word allows you to manage how you want your formatted text to appear. For this, click the sentence and select the section of text to be formatted, then press CTRL + SPACE together. You can customize the place on the spot and remove unwanted formatting from the content.

Word provides Paste Options
Most of us love to copy and paste text into our text document. Interestingly, when some of the text are pasted into the Word document from an outside source, Word automatically formats the text in the best approach to match the existing content. However, this can be avoided by clicking on the ‘Office’ button followed by the Word Options. Move to the advanced section once that is done, and look for Cut, Copy and Paste options to use. The first four drop-down menus can be used for default setting for default pasting.

Format text quick using Shift+F3
Toggling between text style- small to caps lock or making first letters as capital can be painful if have to be done manually. Catering to this, Word provides quick solutions to effectively and immediately make changes in your text. For this, select the text and press Shift + F3 together, this will show all options to which you want to make changes.

Use full Justification Formatting
Often the unknown feature of Microsoft Word is the justification in formatting. Justification referrers to managing spaces between the words so the Left and the Right margins are perfectly aligned. Word is able to do this by altering the spacing between the words in each line so that the words line up. This gives documents a formal and professional look.

Manage and compare two documents in Word
Managing and comparing two-word documents is not difficult anymore. Now you can manage and compare two-word documents very easily. For this open Microsoft Word and then select the option ‘Compare’ from Review. Then you can browse the documents with the Compare Dialogue Box. Now this opens two fields-“Original Document Field” and “Revised Document Field”. Select your documents accordingly. The ‘More’ option lets you view more comparison settings.

Use PowerPoint as a blank Template for Building Video Content
By combining PowerPoint techniques and junctions with Screencasting tool, it’s easy to create professional video content. By using a blank background, or a picture as a background, viewers will have no idea you even used PowerPoint.

Embed YouTube Video in your Presentation
Embedding video to make your presentation is made easy by Microsoft tools. For this, find the video you want to embed, click the Share link and then the Embed link to copy the Embed Code. Then in PowerPoint, choose Video from the Insert Menu, select Video from a website and paste in the Embed Code for any YouTube Video. This gets it done!

Create an Animated GIF from PowerPoint Slide
PowerPoint allows you to save a slide as a GIF and then use a program like GIMP to create your own GIF.

Pivot tables in Excel
Pivot Tables summarizes a large amount of Excel data from a database that is formatted. The source sheet should contain headings and the other row contains categories or values. Excel 2013 also recommends for a pivot table if you are new at creating pivot tables.

Basic Math
At the heart of any Excel sheet are the numbers within the data. Excel uses basic math functions to manipulate those numbers and this feature makes Excel powerful. Simple calculations as used on paper can be used in Excel’s Formula Bar.

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