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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Ingredients that make a Great Content

Tips-to-write-effective-contentAccording to a report produced by the Britain’s University of Bristol, web users, in general, read about one-fifth of a web page. When readers absorb such a small amount of the web page’s content, it is fundamental to ensure that the main messages are prominent. Make your website easily found online by using the best techniques for formatting to produce an effective web copy of your content.

Content is the King
Content is a king on the web, and always will be. The internet is the super highway for any information you seek, whether you need the address to a nearby restaurant or you are looking for a new pair of denim.

No matter what content is written it is directly targeted to a large amount of audience and may benefit your purpose. Special measures should be taken to increase traffic to your content to be more effective.

Research the topic
Researching the topic thoroughly is one of the mandatory steps that should be taken to create an effective and strong content as it directly affects the credibility. The information provided in your content will be the deciding factor that whether the product will be bought or the service will be availed or not. Reading other people’s similar work may also be a great help to strengthen your content.

Create a hook
Online readers generally do not read the web content entirely and with patience. Therefore, it becomes very important to create a hook for the readers to keep them on the page.

Tone- Suggesting or Commanding
Deciding and maintaining a tone is one of the primary concerns when it comes to strong content. The tone adopted for the content which is to be delivered decides the effectiveness- the voice should be confident, strengthful and with assurance. Informative content can include facts and figures whereas content targeting audience for a direct call to action should be kept commanding.

Simple and Short is Best
Unless you are specialized in academic essays, your web content should be straightforward and in plain and simple English. Specifically, if the web content is advertising, it should have a broad appeal and easy-to-understand language. Most of the web pages are not read entirely, therefore, to get your point across the audience, you need to make it quickly and with as few words as possible.

Write like a Reader
Put yourself in the place of the reader- analyze what a reader wished the text would have been comprised of. Changing perspectives from writer to reader may make it more attention seeking and attractive.

Prioritize Quantity (word count)
There is no magical number that makes your content a king, but the size of the content should be such that it delivers everything properly that it’s meant to be. The ideal length of the content that can be from 400 to 1200 words.

Get to the Point and Stay on Topic
There is nothing wrong in putting a personality to the content, but this may not lead losing the focus on the message that you are trying to share. The content should not move towards unrelated topics drifting away from the main message that is to be conveyed.

Impressive Headlines for better SEO Ranking
The headlines to the content you are writing are crucial. A website has less than 10 seconds to attract the audience. The headlines are therefore 90% of the reason anyone would read your content, so ensure your title is relevant to the content and will interest the reader pulling them in immediately. Along with titles, the subtitles also should be connecting, attractive and relevant and comprising of SEO strategies- use of Strong Keywords may help your web page gain a better rank in the SEO list.

Add images, videos and concrete examples
Web text works best and serves best in conjunction with visual elements on the page. Ensure that your words work together with the images as you strive for a consistent tone and messaging. Concrete and practical examples add strength to your text and also will help to build trust among the readers validating your information.

Making it Scannable
A web page should be laid out in such a way that it is easy to scan it on a variety of devices including mobile phones and tablets. Key points of the message should be kept high on the page so that the main message is delivered at a glance to the target audience.

Call to Action
The primary motive of a web content is to direct the readers to take some action, to buy a product, to avail a service, webinar sign-ups, download an e-book, Social Media Shares, etc. The Call To Action should be based directly on your most important current marketing goal and always include links so that the reader can take the desired action with minimal hassle.

The Last Review Matters
No matter how expert you are in your skills, the last review from someone else is as important as creating it. The writer may sometimes drift away from the topic and may include unrelated content, getting it reviewed in every case is always beneficial to make it work best.

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