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Friday , April 19 2024

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Humai- Reinventing the Afterlife through AI

Humai- Reinventing-the-Afterlife-through-AIScience Fiction movies have been displaying the turn of events Artificial Intelligence has the capability to bring. Movies like IRobot and Transcendence truly speaks of the marvels that future awaits. Though, it sounds like made up stories but there was a time when flying aircrafts were considered nothing but sorcery and now we have millions of airplanes flying over our heads each day. Alternate existences is soon going to be a reality and a lot of people are currently researching the secrets of how memories gets stored in our brain to upload them to a computer.

After all it is our consciousness that makes us who we are and if a technology emerges to upload the sequence of our thought process into a computer system, we might emerge as a conscious being in a computer just like the movie Transcendence portrayed. Fortunately this is not far away in future now and a startup named Humai is trying to make it possible within a short period of span. Humai is working tirelessly to achieve a goal of perfectly blending the human consciousness through the aid of robotics by providing a virtual existence to a human. Sounds freaky!

What is Humai?

The company calls the bionic body Humai. There prime aim is to create a virtual support to transplant a human consciousness in a virtual environment or the bionic body including sensory organs and limbs that the bionic body has. To put it in simple words, it will be just like changing body as a suit! The bionic body will be integrated with high level artificial intelligence in order to make the internal organs work and sustain the living.

It also promises tissue repair and generation of new cells to combat the effects of aging. Humai will make it possible to resurrect humans through an artificial environment with the aid of hyper sensory organs simulating accurate human life experience.

How long is it going to take?

Not too long. Humai has released a timeline stating that till 2045 they will have had ample progress in this mission. It is estimated to be accomplished in the next 30 years to attain an alternate body should this biologically generated body comes to an end. It seems like we are soon evolving into those creepy aliens in science fiction stories who have mastered the art of omnipotence. Will this technology be open to common masses by then still remains dubious.

Complexity and scope

When it comes to complexity, no doubt it will be a thousand fold. Our brain itself contains millions of neurons and thousands of nerves. To awaken a dead brain and rewire it accordingly without causing excessive damage to the organ is task that will tremble many hands in the years to come.

Many people have donated their bodies to be put in deep freeze chambers to be utilized in future when technology is available to bring those back to life who have been dead for years. Surely, those bodies are going to be helpful in the initial trial as one might perceive. Moreover, this technology will make it possible for those bright minds existing today to live forever so that humanity can benefit from their ideas and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Humai is targeting to bring to this world the technology that will bring dead people to life, save many brain dead people from the brink of death and provide an alternate existence to humans thus expanding our reach over the traditional barriers of mortality. We need only wait 30-35 years!

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