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Friday , May 24 2024

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What the Wearable Technology Will look like in 5 years

What-the-Wearable-Technology -Will-look-like-in-5-yearsEverybody gets stunned every time when a new smart wearable comes in the market. Every time the technology raises the bar, breaks the pathway of current tech products and gets a fresh beginning with innovative new tech products. Collectively, predictability of technology seems to have a slippery slope. Smartphones ousted PCs by cutting the pathway of ‘qwerty’ keyboards and giving touch screens, whilst smartphones are getting ousted by wearables. The smart watch has already created a boom in the tech market.

For the next 5 years, to expect from wearable technology to entirely replace smartphones apps, would be too early to make such a prediction and may be exaggerated. Even then, the projects like Google Glass and Microsoft Holo Lens are going to land in early 5 years and are very promising.

Wearable Technology

Wearables that connect to the internet via smartphone or via Wi-Fi, give us notifications for anything we want. Wearables can be anything like smart shoes, smart watch, smart clothes, specs, or just a wrist band. These sorts of techie products will be the most captivating and trending in the market. They will obviously change the fashion.

Wearable technology covers all the aspects of our lives, such as health, social engagement, education, entertainment etc. These features directly affect the smartphone apps and other apps that we use for daily requirements or evaluations. Wearables with a camera or other sensors are under development and creating a buzz for an upcoming whirl around the market.

After 5 years

After 5 years, how it will look like? Just imagine, you took an evening walk and your smart watch tells you how many calories you burned, your shoes tell you that how long you walked, and your clothes tell you the best time to take a shower. Feeling luxurious! The story doesn’t end here, imagine the specs that detects closed-eyes when you fall asleep and then turns the lights off, specs that lets you take a quick tour over the internet to check what are the updates by your friends and much more. Imagine, the automated accessories with sensors that allow to access vast features like sensing blood pressure and temperature of the body. If the smart wearables work smartly, it would be very interesting to witness the wearables world for the next 5 years.

The Bottom Line

It would be fascinating to see how wearables take the place of smartphones or replace their apps without any considerable effort. May be smartphones will remain of the same importance and market share, like eBooks couldn’t affect the paper books popularity, or may be wearable take their place. How about fashion? Would the smart clothes and smart accessories take place of fashion? The possibilities are immense and nothing can be predicted.

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