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Wednesday , October 4 2023

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Marketing Tools Product Review- crowdVirality

Marketing-Tools Product-review-crowdvirality

With technology covering all business areas, even the creative task of marketing and sales have become automated. Also with the widespread use of social channels, business tries to grab their customers through conducting marketing campaigns on them. Many firms are now adopting online tools for sales and promotion activities. One …

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Lessons To Be Learned From PoliMobile


PoliMobile was a product which was developed to manage text message campaigns during political elections. The founders of the product PoliMobile was pretty enthusiastic about this project after he interviewed several people involved in political campaigns during elections. He found out that although emails are one of the best means …

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3 Keys To Effective Business Planning


Vision Keeping in mind the goals of the business and the approach followed by the company to achieve these goals is important. It does not matter for an employee about what is his position in the company to have complete knowledge about the company’s business objectives. Vision of the company …

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10 Ways to Create Hype Around a New Launch


Launching a new business is all about connecting with your customers with a new idea. Since the product serves as the solution for users, it is, therefore, important to target them. Technology made it easy to deliver new products quickly into customer’s attention. Thanks to social media platforms the most. …

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