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Friday , April 19 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- crowdVirality

Marketing-Tools Product-review-crowdviralityWith technology covering all business areas, even the creative task of marketing and sales have become automated. Also with the widespread use of social channels, business tries to grab their customers through conducting marketing campaigns on them.

Many firms are now adopting online tools for sales and promotion activities. One of such an application is crowdVirality. This efficient tool is designed in such a way that it can fulfill the demands of all marketing professionals. People such as Marketers, Agencies and Business can directly use crowdVirality for their marketing and sales activities.


Editions and Pricing

The product is available in three versions starting from a free 30 day free trial.

Free No charges
Pro $4.99 per month
Enterprise Customized Prices

Capabilities and Supporting Set of features

crowdVirality-DashboardThe Dashboard
crowdVirality offers a highly intuitive dashboard where you can access all your features from a single place. You can access features such as Mailbox, Publisher, Calendar, Content Manager, etc.


crowdVirality-AddSocialStreamsAdd Social Streams
Because the tool works with different social channels, one of the basic tasks in this tool is to add and sync social profiles for the purpose of marketing. For this, select the Stream option from the left panel of the dashboard. This section will let you add multiple social streams across which you wish to promote your business. The tool integrates with channels such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare

crowdVirality-ThePublisherThe Publisher
The publisher allows you to create social posts, add relevant links and publish posts across social platforms for business. The Feature can be accessed right inside the dashboard and work only after your account is synced with social accounts.



crowdVirality-TheTaskMAnagerThe Task Manager
The task manager is a place which can help you create and manage tasks. You can create a new task with details such as Due Date, Status and the name of the Assignee. However, the feature is active only in the paid versions of the product.



crowdVirality-TheTaskContentManagerThe Content Manager
The Content Creator offers formatting options for the text so that the user doesn’t have to switch over to another application for formatting options. Not only does the tool works for publishing posts.  crowdVirality also allows you to create content that can be published with details such as:


  • Content Title
  • Content Body
  • Meta description
  • Important Keywords, and
  • Content Tags


crowdVirality-CalendarThe Calendar
The calendar option right inside the application can help you manage your social posts better also keeping a track of all the recent and past activities. The feature is only available in the paid plans.



crowdVirality-MilboxThe Mailbox
One of the strongest features of crowdVirality is the Mailbox. You can send and receive emails unlike any other email services available online. The Mailbox feature is, however, also available in the paid versions only. The Mailbox also have folders to sort important and mostly used emails such as:


  • Inbox
  • Starred
  • Important
  • Sent Mail, and
  • Trash


The application keeps its users updated by sending timely notifications right inside the dashboard so that the user is informed about any and every activity related to the account and profile.


The tool integrates seamlessly with social channels such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+, and
  • Foursquare


The application offers a live online chat support right at the dashboard of a user for instant help. Although this feature is available only for paid plans. On the other hand, the tool also offers email support for all its visitors and users, which is a free plan feature.

Pros and Cons of crowdVirality


  • Professionals, businesses, marketers and agencies can directly use this as it has all the necessary features.
  • Easy to understand and use.


  • Instagram  integration along with the others is something that the tool still needs to achieve.


  • Seamless integration with almost all social channels.
  • Features such as Content Creation with formatting options and post creation right inside the tool.
  • Calendar feature helps to manage and track activities better.

For more details, please visit  crowdVirality Website .

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