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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Artificial Intelligent Echobox- Engaging Users for Publishers

Artificial-Intelligent-Echobox- Engaging-Users-for-PublishersEchobox is a platform for publishers to share content on social media. A novel approach is that it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that helps the user for content virality. Antoine Amann launched this data and analytics startup in 2014. Recently the startup closed the funding round of $3.4 million. The investors include Mangrove Capital Partners, and Saul and Robin Klein’s LocalGlobe.

Echobox AI platform predicts the virality of a story and gives suggestions about the best time to post an article, the way to follow, and the anticipated traffic increase it will create. This result is extremely useful to gain maximum attention. The more audience will generate more revenue for the publisher. They even have a “breaking news detection engine” that tells whether a story is breaking news or not.

Box Insights

Amann says that the platform is extremely useful and fruitful in increasing traffic to the site. It claims to grow traffic with the double rate on an average. He adds that many are not making most out of the social platform and missing a huge audience for their business. Their platform uses machine learning models for analysis that offers real-time suggestions suitable for the publisher.

Unlike other sharing services, Echobox applies AI on publisher’s analytics and data for further optimization. Events like Facebook news feed change that shows the relevant post from friends and family to a user produces issues for marketing brands on social media platforms. Echobox team received emails, and they spoke with many who have been facing the same struggle, regarding image grip on social media. Echobox handles such situations to help others leverage the power of the social platform.

Echobox’s robust platform allowed it to deal with world’s leading publishers including Le Monde, Le Figaro, Axel Springer and San Jose Mercury News. Le Firago’s Digital Publisher, Anne Pican shares that social media optimization is a harsh and complicated task. Echobox has increased their traffic with better optimization technique. Now their social media team is offering high-value service, saving a lot of time.

Future Scope

According to Amann, the funds will be used for technology enhancements. The firm will innovate ahead and improve the AI technology. They are also expanding marketing and sales to target more publisher for their service.

The service market would be worth $300 billion by 2020 according to PQ Media, as every business will need content creators.

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