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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- YesData

CRM-Tools-Product-review-YesdataThe success of the business does not lie in all the efforts and hard work invested in delivering the products or services. Instead, lies on customer management and so it is one of the crucial tasks to manage the clients of the company. Although many online tools and applications are now helping business for their CRM activities, some features need to be implemented to keep the customers engaged in the overall success of the organization.

YesData an on online crm tool is one such application, which allows its users across all CRM activities. The high-end search and clean data features help business keep an updated and accurate version of records. You can quickly search contacts and accounts using YesData and generate and manage your business leads.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing plans for the application are as follows

YesData Leads $99 per user per month
YesData CLEAN $0 per user per month

Capabilities and supporting set of Features

YesData-DashboardThe YesData Dashboard
As soon as you create an account in YesData, you are directed to your dashboard. The tool offers a very intuitive, easy to understand and use panel with direct access to all its functionalities. The Search option right inside the dash lets you search and identify your business leads.


YesData-SearchTheLeadsSearching the Leads
YesData helps you get instant access to the business data directly into your CRM. The tool is furnished with a database with data of about 5 million companies and 17 million contacts. All you need to do is to search through the powerful application and get instant access to contact details such as names, phone numbers, email ids and web address.


YesData-AddToCartAdd to Cart
Once you search leads, and the application generates the most appropriate set of records, these records can be added to the cart so that they are sorted out and can be used later. For this, all you need to do is to select the “Add to Cart” option from the top of the dashboard once you have generated a list of records.


YesData-SaveQuerySave Query
There may be times when you need to search leads or prospects in a short period; the tool has capabilities that can help you save queries. Now you can create and save multiple questions multiple times with YesData. All you need to do is to build it once and select the “Save Query” options where queries can be saved and used in future.


YesData-SaveSearchSave Searches
Sometimes you wish not to search prospects all over again, in such cases, the feature of Saved Searches works best. With this feature, you do not need to create queries you have created earlier; you can save searches as you conduct them, and they can be used by saving. This feature will save a lot of time and efforts and make thinks smooth for the CRM activity.


YesData-BulkCleanBulk Clean
Keeping the data clean is one of the most challenging and important parts of the business operations. The Bulk Clean option lets you update data if the record entries have changed lately. The Bulk Clean option is rich in features such as:

  • Clean Contacts Only
  • Clean Companies Only
  • Clean Contacts and Companies


YesData-ImportDataImport Data
The Import Data option lets you choose a file and imports data for you. It may be one of the key features as you no longer have to enter data manually into the application. Instead, an upload will work out.



Map Fields and Clean Data
Once the data is imported into the tool, YesData allows you to map fields with the previous records and clean and update data to have a fresh copy of all the relevant information.


As the tool deals with generating leads, it integrates with LinkedIn to search profiles and contact details of professionals and companies online.


YesData provides a call support for all its users to solve all issues. Additionally, the website also offers email support for any queries the users have. The Contact Us page allows you to send feedback or share any complications through a simple form.

Pros and Cons of YesData


  • Easy and quick access to business data.
  • Saved searches and Cart allows targeting relevant and talented people quickly.
  • No manual entry of data required.
  • Data Cleaning features help to keep records updated.


  • Integration with Google+ may help capture leads along with LinkedIn.
  • An Instant online chat support can be helpful to resolve user’s issues quickly.

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  • No manual entry of leads.
  • Bulk Clean features help to keep updated data.
  • A variety of search options makes the searching process easy and quick.

For more details, please visit  YesData website.

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