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Friday , May 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Thrive

CRM-Tools-Product-review- thrive

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There are some tools that business users in their everyday workflow were making it smoother. Nevertheless, what if a product provides almost every feature you are looking for that fulfills all your needs. Thrive is one such application that is rich in features and provides an ample of functions that can do anything you need. The product serves features to manage your projects, perform CRM activities as well as Accounting work.

Editions and Pricing

Thrive is available for free 30-day trial. Later, you can make a choice with:

Edition Monthly Bill Yearly Bill
Thrive Dashboards $14.95 $9.95/ user/month
Thrive Project $24.95 $19.95/user/month
Thrive CRM $39.95 $34.95/user/month
Thrive Accounting $24.95 $19.95/user/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

thrive-sampledashboardThe sample Dashboard
The application presents you with a sample dashboard to make you familiar with its features. This sample dashboard will show graphs and insights about

  • YTD Financial Breakdown
  • Net Income Ratio
  • YTD Table
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • YTD Financials
  • P&L Forecasted
  • Profit and Loss

You can also Edit, Share and Delete this dashboard. The dashboard here can only be shared with other team members to collaborate and work better on a single task.

thrive-createnewdashboardCreate New Dashboard
You can create your new dashboard by clicking on the “+” sign located near the sample panel. The application lets you add database, graphs and to add colors. You also are provided with a default spreadsheet to get you started.

Once you have begun working on your dashboard, you can import data from some sources such as Dropbox and Google Sheets. After the database is selected, it is shown in the spreadsheet. Now you can add graphs choosing from Column, Area, Segment, Number, Scale, Line, Pie, etc. The application also provides theme colors to give a visual appearance to your analysis,

thrive-the-thrivedashboardsThe Thrive Dashboard
As the name suggests, this area of the application displays all your project-dedicated dashboards. You can also create new dashboards or dashboard templates here if your projects have similar features.

You can also make changes to your current panels here.

The application send regular alerts to its users for every new activity to keep them updated and make sure they do not miss anything.

Alerts can be accessed from the alert icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. The application also shows you the alert history if you wish to dig out something from the past.

thrive-manageyour-accountingManage your Accounting
The application lets you manage your accounts. You can keep a close eye on your sales performance by the graphs. These displays your weekly and monthly sales reports with sales projection, Bank Account Balance, Invoice Due, Bills Due, etc.


thrive-manageinvoicesManage Invoices
The application helps you manage your invoices taking care you never miss a payment to be made. Here you can fill in complete details about your Invoices and maintain a record of all the expenses in an organized manner.


Reports are an important part of the analytics. You can keep a close track on the cash flow projection of your company. The reports clearly displays all the invoices an in terms of inflows and outflows.

Mobile Accessibility

The product is currently unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The application integrates with a number of tools, for the purpose of data integration. The tools are:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Dropbox Spreadsheets


  • Product Tour
  • Webinar
  • Help section- you can write your queries here and get a quick response about its features.
  • Email Support

Pros and Cons of thrive


  • Spreadsheets are rich in almost all basic features required.
  • Rich set of capabilities and features making it one of the preferred tools that can be used in an organization.


  • The application is a slight slow to load.


  • Full screen view to visualize the application better and in an expanded view.
  • Sample dashboard gives the complete view of the application features and areas.

For more details, please visit the Thrive website.

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